Donald Trump posts finally on Truth Social

The former US President Donald Trump finally made a post on his Truth Social network. This is the Twitter competitor he started earlier in this year. “I’M BACK! “#COVFEFE,” the tweet read. It also included a picture of Trump using his phone in Florida’s Mar-a-Lago Club.

Trump said, “I’M BACK!” Trump wrote #COVFEFE to refer to a typo in a tweet he sent as president, which complained about the media and was extensively criticized.

Trump Media & Technology Group, Truth Social’s parent, plans to merge with Blank-Check firm Digital World Acquisition Corp. Shares of the combined company were 7.7% higher pre-market Friday according to Reuters.

Elon Musk also shared the news that Truth Social is leading Twitter and TikTok downloads. Musk shared the news via Twitter and shared a screenshot of the Apple’s App store. Musk tweeted, “Truth Social beats Twitter and TikTok at the Apple Store.”

Musk accepted the offer by the board, although it has not been approved by shareholders. The former president said that he would “never” return to the platform. He said, “I’m not going on Twitter. I will stay on Truth App… I hope Elon purchases Twitter because he can make improvements and is a great man. But I’ll be sticking on TRUTH.”

Truth Social is the return to social media of Donald Trump, former President. For inciting violence, Trump was expelled from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

This app clearly targets to compete with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Truth Social is designed to allow users freedom of speech. Users can voice their opinions on the social media platform without restrictions.

Following the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol Riot, Trump was permanently removed from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



The former US president, Donald Trump, made a post on his Twitter competitor called “Truth Social.” The tweet includes a picture of Trump using his phone in Florida’s Mar-a-Lago Club. The former US president is trying to compete with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter by creating this