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Since Thursday, #Shweta trended on Twitter after the Zoom audio call with Shweta (good that her identity hasn’t been disclosed) was published online. Although Twitter is making fun of the Zoom audio call that was leaked online, it’s important to learn from this incident and practice more caution when using video calls next time.

Many video calling platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, allow you to muffle your audio during or before a call. However, most people don’t understand how this feature works.

So that you are not the next Shweta, we will show you how to mute your voice on Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

How to muffle audio in a Zoom call

STEP 1. Open the Zoom app for desktop or mobile on your device.

STEP 2 Go to the Settings menu

STEP3: Next, tap the Audio option

STEP4: Look at the “Always muffle the microphone during a meeting” option located to the bottom of your screen

STEP4: The mute function will now be disabled when you are a part of a video conference. Click the microphone icon to mute or unmute your self whenever you need.

How to muffle audio in a Skype conversation

STEP 1. Open Skype Desktop, or Mobile App

STEP 2. Click on your profile picture and click on Settings

STEP 3Select video and audio options

STEP4:Set the microphone preferences by selecting the “Microphone” option from the Settings menu. You have the option to mute or unmute your voice at any time.

How to muffle audio in a Microsoft Teams conversation

STEP 1.Open Microsoft Team on PC or Mobile

STEP 2Click to Show device settings

STEP 3. Next, select the microphone option

Step 4: Set the parameters according to your needs. When necessary, you can muffle and unmute your voice.

Here are some tech tips to help you.

The pandemic has made it easier than ever to make video calls. Shweta’s audio leakage incident is more than just fun.

Next time you are on a video call, make sure to turn off your microphone before making a call to friends and family. This will prevent others from hearing your private conversations.

It is a good idea to change your mic settings immediately and mut the audio by default, so you can be heard when you answer a call. You can also choose to unmute your voice whenever you need it. Simply tap the microphone option at the top of the screen.