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Instagram can do many things. You can upload videos, photos, and create Stories on Instagram. You can create videos that you share with other people. It is possible to view the posts of others, which can help you meet new people or even allow you to socialize. But that’s not all. You can also visit our shopping pages to purchase items. You have no limit to the possibilities.

These search results can be found in Instagram’s Explore section. You can personalize your search by observing what interests you and then searching for that item. We might decide that Instagram is no longer our favorite platform and want to make a change. You can. You can.

You will instantly be able to change your Instagram Explore. Continue reading for the details.

For iOS and Android, Reset Instagram Explore

To allow Instagram to begin over, clear your search history. Once this is done, you will see content in the Explore section. Do this:

Visit Instagram.

Register Now to Access Your Profile Section

To select Settings, click on the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.

Visit the Security Section.

Clear History can be found under Data and History.

Select Clear All by clicking on the icon. You will be prompted to confirm. Once you are sure to confirm your decision, click on the “Confirm” button. Then all work will start.

After that, the Explore section will be reset. You will see results that were based on the new search terms.

What can you do to customize Instagram Explore on iOS and Android?

You can choose not to view certain posts. Your Feed will show you fewer spam posts and be better tailored to your interests. These are the steps to take:

Access the Instagram app via your iOS or Android device.

To go to Explore, tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Scroll down for the posts you don’t want.

Click on the Post, and then click on the Menu with Three Dots.

To not receive similar postings or other posts in the future, you can select the “Not interested” option.

This feature allows you to personalize Instagram Explore. You can only see the items that are most interesting to you.