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You won’t have to share your Netflix password and Netflix ID with multiple people if you subscribe to Netflix. Netflix accounts are often shared with many other users. This is a common practice that we humans use to avoid paying the high subscriber fees.

It can be a bit challenging to keep things private when this happens. You can now fix this problem if you are in the exact same position. We will show you how to lock your account so no one can see what you’re watching.

Although you cannot hide your Netflix account, you can protect it by creating a password. This will prevent unintentional people from accessing your Netflix profile unless you ask them.

How do you lock Netflix?

It is easy to follow, and may only take you a few moments of your time. You can find the Netflix web site here. This is what you need to do:

First step: Log in to Netflix with your credentials once you have logged on.

Next: You will now see the page with all profiles. Click on the profile you wish to lock.

3: Now you will need to choose the Account option. The profile photo is located in the upper right corner.

4 Scroll down a little to reach the ‘Profile & Parents Controls’ section.

Step 5 : The option will come with a small, inverted triangle. To see additional options, tap on the triangle.

Step 6 – You’ll now see the Profile Lock option. To authenticate, select it and type your Netflix password.

7: You are now ready to set up a 4-digit passcode on your profile and confirm it.

Within minutes, you will have your Netflix account secured by a pin and will not be accessible to anyone else (except the people you choose) while you watch the content.

Comment below to let us know why you would like Netflix to lock down your profile.