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Ubisoft recently released the much-awaited Rainbow Six Extraction. The AAA title is priced at Rs 1,999 on the Epic Game Store, but for the first time has also been made available for free on Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service from Day 1. Game Pass subscribers on console and cloud are not facing any issues in downloading and playing the game. However, PC Game Pass owners are facing a lot of issues in downloading the game.

PC Game Pass players are required to complete a list of steps if they want to download and play Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction on their gaming machine.

How to download Rainbow 6 Extraction via Game Pass

To download and play Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction using the PC Game Pass, you need the Game Pass application along with a Ubisoft account and the Ubisoft Connect PC application. Players downloading the games will be required to agree to the terms and policies set by Ubisoft.

To connect the Microsoft and Ubisoft accounts players will be required to head to Ubisoft’s website, where they can log in with their Microsoft account. After the accounts have been linked, the players will be required to log in again with their Ubisoft account, where they will get a message stating that both Rainbow Six games will appear on both of the listed accounts. After the players accept the message they can then go ahead and download/install Ubisoft Connect and launch it.

Inside of the Ubisoft Connect app, players can then click on the Games tab and search for the game using the search tool or just scroll down and find its cover. Now, they can click on the game and then hit the Download button.

This version does not come with access to the Buddy Pass feature, which allows players to let their friends try out the game for free for up to 14 days. The feature is only available for players purchasing the standard or deluxe version of Rainbow Six Extraction.