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Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. It raises awareness of climate change and inspires people to act towards improving the health of our planet. The day is the anniversary of the 1970 birth of the American environmental movement. Today, the day is observed in over 190 countries.

Google’s sustainability initiative includes features for users that help them to make better decisions. Google Maps has an innovative feature, which allows you to search for the fastest route to your destination and choose eco-friendly routes. Google claims that eco-friendly routes can prevent the emission of more than 1 million tonnes per year. It is equivalent to taking 200 cars off of the roads at the same time.

This guide will show you how to use Google Maps’ environmentally-friendly routing feature for your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Google Maps can show you which route is the most efficient and fastest if they arrive within the same timeframe as the fastest. Google’s Navigation app allows you to see how fuel savings can be compared with driving time in situations where they may not have a significant impact or are too small.

Google Maps: Where can I find eco-friendly driving directions?

Step 1 Open Google Maps on your Android or iPhone.

Step 2 Search for your destination or tap the icon to view the map.

Step 3: Click the Directions button at the bottom left corner.

Continue scrolling. You will see the More Route option in the upper left hand corner. You can click on it

Step 5 Turn on/off Fuel-efficient Routes

You can disable this feature here:

Step 1 Open the Google Maps App for your Smartphone.

Step 2 Choose your profile picture and the initial navigation settings.

Step 3: Scroll to the Route Options tap. Choose fuel-efficient routes and you are done!


Google Maps offers eco-friendly routes. You can select the route that is most efficient and fastest for your needs. 06 Oct 2021

You can manually arrange the stops to determine the fastest route. Drag the lines to the right of each stop, and then drop it at a new place. Next, you can compare the expected time of arrival (ETA), for different routes.

Google Maps will show you the fastest route in blue. However, you can change the route at any time by clicking on one of the grey alternatives routes or clicking and drag the route to personalize it. 26-Sept-2018

You can use Google Earth for driving directions as well, much like you can using Google Maps. Google Earth is able to map your driving directions in 3D. This allows you to see more clearly where you are going.


Earth Day, a holiday to raise awareness about climate change and inspire people to do something positive for the planet. This day commemorates the 1970 birth of the American environmental movement. Google offers its users tools that help them to make better decisions in the context of their sustainability initiatives.