Electric scooters catching fire: How to keep your EV battery safe

Electric scooters are taking over the sales charts on a monthly and yearly basis. Scooter manufacturers are enjoying a boost in sales when the rest of the two-wheeler segment isn’t even able to match up to last year. Some prominent factors of this spike are increasing fuel prices, lower base when compared to ICE-engine counterparts, and government subsidies on both state and central levels.

Despite the growth that the electric scooter segment is enjoying, recent mishaps have cast a shadow on the budding industry and its leadership. There have been nearly five incidents of fire that have been reported in less than 20 days. All these incidents have highlighted the dangers involved in the otherwise harmless-looking industry. Continuous reports of fire caused by EVs are dominating the news and brands may have to look into this matter before they launch their next big product. but what can people do who already own an EV?

Here are some tips about how you can drive your EV safely without risking a battery fire:

Considering that electric scooters are just beginning to catch up in terms of popularity, it is only right to expect more fire incidents in the short term. The record-breaking summer temperatures are not going to bring any respite either. These tips also provide better range and extended battery charge cycles.

How to keep the electric scooter battery safe

-Only OEM specified Charger to be used for specific battery type. Do not interchange or use any non- genuine charger.
-Keep batteries at room temperature.
-Please do not charge the batteries within 1 hrs after use. It is advised to let the batteries cool down for some time before charging them.
-If you find battery casing is damaged or Water intrusion has taken place, immediately isolate and store separately, and inform your dealer.
-The battery and charger should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated place, avoid contact with corrosive substances, keep away from fire and heat sources (not less than 2 meters), keep away from flammable substances, and disconnect the charger from the battery.
-Ensure that your lead acid batteries are rotated at regular (3-month intervals) Once the battery reaches approx. 30% of total charge, charge the battery to improve its life.


– First, Remove the Scooter’s Speed Limiter.
– Modify the Firmware.
– Upgrade the Existing Battery.
– Add Another Battery.
– Add Two More Batteries.
– Change the Sprockets.
– Rewind the Motor.
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Thermal runaway results in a rapid increase of battery cell temperature and pressure, alongside the release of flammable gas. These flammable gases often result in an eruption of flame ignited by the battery’s high temperature, which eventually leads to a fire.28-Mar-2022


Electric scooters are taking over the sales charts on a monthly and yearly basis, with the industry being able to capitalize on decreasing fuel prices and government subsidies. However, recent mishaps have cast a shadow on the budding industry and its leadership. Electric scooter accidents have caused five fires in as many days