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On a monthly as well as yearly basis, electric scooters dominate the sales charts. The sales of scooter manufacturers have seen a significant increase in comparison to the last year. This spike is largely due to rising fuel prices and lower base compared with ICE-engine counterparts. Also, government subsidies at both the state and central level.

Despite electric scooters’ growth, recent incidents have put a damper on their leadership. In less than twenty days, there have been five fires. These incidents highlight the risks involved in an otherwise innocent-looking business. Brands may need to investigate the dangers of EVs before launching their next product. There are constant reports about EV-caused fires. But what should people who have an EV do?

These tips will show you how to drive safely and without putting your battery in danger.

Given that electric scooters have just begun to catch up to the rest of us in popularity, we can expect to see more fire incidents. It is unlikely that the record breaking summer temperatures will bring relief. This tip also provides a longer battery life and better range.

How to protect your electric scooter’s battery

Only OEM-specified Chargers can be used to charge specific types of batteries. Use only OEM-specified chargers. Keep batteries at room temperature.
Please do not recharge the batteries for more than 1 hour after using them. Before charging the batteries, let them cool off for a while.
If you discover that the battery casing has been damaged, or water intrusion, please immediately remove it and keep it separate from your dealer.
The battery and charger must be kept dry, away from heat and fire, at least 2 meters from flames, away from explosive substances and disconnected from the charger.
Your lead acid batteries should be rotated every 3 months. To prolong the life of your battery, you can charge it up to 30%.


– Remove first the Speed Limiter from your Scooter.
Modify Firmware
Upgrade your existing battery
– Add another battery.
You can add two more batteries.
You can change the straprockets.
– Turn the Motor Back.
Is an electric scooter too fast for a speed of 15 MPH (speed)?

Did you notice that the scooter moves much faster when it is starting to go? It happens when your machine’s battery has run out. This is normal. It is a normal process.

The result of thermal runaway is a rapid rise in the temperature and pressure of the battery cells, along with the release of volatile gas. 28-Mar-2022


The rise of electric scooters is reflected in the declining fuel costs and the government’s subsidies. Recent mishaps, however, have put a damper on this budding sector and its leaders. Five fires have been started by electric scooter accidents in the span of five days