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All adventurers are welcome to my site. My website is your welcome. We’re so glad you stopped by the 16th episode of our feat series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the most commonly picked and versatile feats in the players handbook. Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd5e elemental adept feat. It can be found in the players handbook. This is a great resource for magic casting professionals.

That being said if you’re unfamiliar with how feats work or when you get them! They usually appear after you have reached four levels. They’re essentially ways you can add extra features, traits and abilities to your character and make them a little bit more personalized in the process. That being said let’s take a quick look at the description for  elemental adept 5e.


You must be able spellcast at least one spell to achieve this feat. Here are some examples:

The Elemental Adept DnD5E Feat is packed with features. These features were added to the Prerequisite.

Prerequisite: At least one spell must be cast.

  • Once you have the Elemental Adept5E Feat, you can choose from acid, cold fire or lightning damage.
  • Resistance to damage can be ignored for spells that you cast. You can also treat any 1 damage die you roll as damage for a spell that deals that type of damage.
  • This feat can be chosen multiple times. Each time you select this feat you will need a new type of damage.

Very cool stuff and pretty self-explanatory as well that being said let’s take a look at the walkthrough so we can flesh it out just a little bit better.


Step one is to choose the type of damage you want: acid, cold fire lightning or thunder. Step two: Resistance and immunity are ignored. Damage to one and damaged eye are treated the exact same as two. It doesn’t mean you get to reroll the damage die or anything like that it essentially it doubles your minimum damage which is quite good in the long run.

You can repeat this feat as long as you use a different element every time. It’s truly amazing stuff. I find the thematic benefits of the process more interesting than the actual mechanics. I’m not saying it’s not a strong feat but i’ll get into that more a little bit later.

You know what let’s just do it now let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.

Personal Thoughts

I love it thematically, more than mechanically. I love the idea that a spellcaster falls in love with one element. Then, he can hone his magical abilities and connect with the weave to improve his ability to suit that elemental.

That’s super cool. Mechanically, it’s really good too it ignore resistance is fantastic and doubling your minimum hit die is also really good too. It is obvious who reaps the most from it. It’s the casters, to be honest. Sorcerers and wizards are likely to be the culprits.

They have access to more spells, so they know more. Terms are the best element to pick you know what it’s super campaign dependent. A good example this is fired so there’s more fire related dispels and there are any other spells in the game.

Although there are many fire-resistant species, flame immunity is the most common. So it really does depend what kind of enemies you’re going up against. So tune it to your own campaign and tune it’s your own flavor as well. If you find you’re using a lot of lightning lure and a lot of lightning based spells then it makes sense to pick lightning even if it’s not the most optimal one to pick.

This is a fun feat and it’s meant used as such that being said. If you have any crazy ideas any builds or any cool stories involving the elemental adept i’d really like to hear them down beneath in the comments and i know everyone else reading this article would as well. We are grateful to you for your support and wish you many successful adventures.