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Electric Vehicles come with a certified driving range. Most customers take their buying decision on the basis of this driving range. However, when it comes to actual driving, these electric vehicles do not deliver what is promised.

When OEMs conduct tests for driving range, it is done in a controlled atmosphere. These tests may give you a good idea of what the EV battery is capable of but it may not be what you will experience in the real world.

However, there are some tips for EV owners to maximize their driving range, addressing some of that range anxiety that electric vehicles have become infamous for.


This might be the single biggest factor impacting your EV’s range. The vehicles are notoriously quick to reach top speed, thanks to the linear acceleration provided by the electric powertrain. Some brands even provide a super fast mode that provides all the available power in a short period. While it may be thrilling, it dries out your batteries quicker than expected.

According to the US Department of Energy, you’ll use 14% less energy by reducing your speed by 10 mph (16kmph). Instead of driving at a speed of 90kmph, you can drive at 75 kmph to get much more out of the battery. Reducing the speed further by 10mph will further use 14% less energy, assuming the power usage is linear.

According to an experiment by Tesla, there is a sweet spot with every EV that provides the maximum available mileage. The Tesla Model S was able to deliver over 450 miles (roughly 725 km) of range at a speed of around 20 mph (roughly 32 kmph). Comparatively, driving at 80 mph (nearly 130 kmph) yielded just 175 miles (280 km) of driving range.

Note: Each battery and EV are made differently, the figures may not work identically.

Driving style

Driving style is also an important aspect. Just like with ICE vehicles, EVs are also impacted by irregular driving patterns. Sudden acceleration drains out a lot of battery. Linear acceleration and then maintaining stable speeds will allow the vehicle to churn out a few extra miles. Driving modes also help with increasing the mileage. Riders should opt for the ecofriendly mode or saving mode. This might have an impact on the acceleration and top speed but the range will increase.

Other factors

Using heaters during the cold and AC during the heat also reduces driving range. However, just opting for moderate-level cooling and heating can dramatically impact the driving range of electric cars.