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Realme plans to launch more C30 Series smartphones in the coming year. Madhav Sheth, the company’s India chief, told BGR. Realme has announced its third-generation C-series smartphone. It will be focusing on the affordable segment. This new generation may also be focused on design, in addition to the strengths of C-series Realme smartphones.

Madhav Sheth, Vice President and President of Realme International Business Group and VP of Realme, shared his company’s visions and hopes for the next financial year in an interview with Madhav Sheth spoke out about budget and mid-range products. He said the company would be adding more differentiation points to the Realme C Series.

Sheth stated, “What has become clear from past experiences is that both performance and design have been fundamental pillars.” Realme’s core fundamental pillars are performance and design. The design of our C35 series has received a lot of love. We are trying to distinguish a lot by design as well as in terms of performance within the entry-level segment.

Realme has plans for high-end and mid-range smartphones

He added, “With mid-rangers what we’re trying to do? Bring the innovations from high-end and introduce more distinguishing points.” We started to offer OIS cameras in Realme 9 Pro+. This was an extremely high-end feature. It was our goal to make it available to everyone.

Sheth stated that Realme will keep innovating with regards to charging, display, and camera for the top-end smartphones. Sheth stated, “We will continue to make life easier for everyone around.”

Sheth spoke out about 5G’s democratization. Sheth stated that 5G will make up more than half of the company’s line-up by 2022, during a conversation with Sheth emphasized the importance of 5G for the future. With 5G, smartphones will be the central hub of the network. All things around the home that are not smart will become smart. Smart TVs are already smarter than conventional ones. In terms of convenience and speed, 5G is going to play a significant role.

Sheth spoke out about Realme’s financial year roadmap. He said, “Realme is always the first to market in many ways.” “We have introduced a lot more things in India and globally,” he said. He added that Realme would be launching the GT Neo 3, which has 150W fast charging. Madhav Sheth’s entire conversation is available here:



Realme, India’s largest smartphone manufacturer is set to launch more C-Series phones in the next year. The focus will be on design, differentiation from rivals with innovative features and diversification into 5G phones. Madhav Sheth is VP and President of Realme.