Exclusive: Realme brings new C30 series mid-range, budget smartphones to India

Realme will be launching more C30 series smartphones this year. The company’s India chief Madhav Sheth told BGR. Realme announced that it will focus on the budget segment with the third generation of C-series smartphones. Apart from the other strengths of the C-series Realme devices, this new generation might also focus on design.

During an interview with BGR.in, VP of Realme and President of Realme International Business Group, Madhav Sheth shared the company’s goals and aspirations for the new financial year. Talking about mid-range and budget products, Madhav Sheth said that the company will be introducing more differentiating points in the Realme C series.

Sheth said, “What we have understood from our past experience is that design has been the core fundamental pillar along with performance. With Realme, performance and design are the core fundamental pillars. If you see our new C35 series, the design has been liked by people a lot. So, we are trying to differentiate a lot of things by design and in terms of performance in the entry-level segment.”

Realme’s Plans for mid-range and high-end smartphones

He further said, “With the mid-rangers, what we are trying to do is to bring the innovations of high-end to introduce more differentiating points. Like we started giving OIS camera in the Realme 9 Pro+, which was a very high-end feature. We tried to commercialise it to the masses.”

In the high-end phones, Sheth explained that Realme will continue to bring innovations in terms of charging, displays, camera. He said, “We’ll continue to make sure that life is easier for people around.”

Sheth also spoke about the democratization of 5G. During the interaction with BGR.in, Sheth said that more than 50 percent of their line-up in 2022 will be 5G. He emphasized on the role of 5G in the future. He said that with 5G in the picture, phones will become the hub. Everything around your home which is conventional will move to smart. Like smart TVs have already moved from conventional to smart. So, 5G will play an extremely important role in terms of speed as well as convenience.

Taking about Realme’s roadmap for this financial year, Sheth said that, “Realme has always been the first to the market in a lot of ways. We have brought a lot of things for the first time in India as well as globally.” He also told us that Realme will be launching the GT Neo 3 which comes with 150W fast charging.
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India’s leading smartphone producer Realme is planning to release more C-Series smartphones in the coming year. This will involve focusing on design aspects, differentiating from competitors with innovative features, and also diversifying into 5G handsets. Madhav Sheth, VP of Realme and President of