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Instagram and Facebook will allow users to conceal the amount of public likes they receive for their posts. According to the social media platform, this “will give people control over how they experience social media.”

Since 2019, Facebook users have been exploring the possibility of hiding public like count in an effort to improve their user experience. Instagram is also experimenting with different methods to conceal like counts over the years to reduce stress for users.

Users will have the option to choose whether they want people to see how many likes their posts on their feed starting May 26.

In a blog posting, the company stated that experts and people had told them that seeing like counts is beneficial to some and frustrating to others. This was especially true because like counts are used to gauge what’s popular or trending, so they’re giving people the option.

Facebook said that the feature allows users to “focus on photos and videos being shared rather than how many likes they get.”

How to hide your like count on Facebook and Instagram

Instagram like counting

Instagram users can conceal like counts by hiding them before and after they share a post. Click on the three dots at the top right of a post to hide like counts. Next, tap the ‘Hit Like Count!’ button. This option can also be disabled in the Settings.

How can you hide likes in your Instagram account

You can hide like counts from other users’ posts by going to Settings, then looking for posts. The toggle beside “Hide Like & View Counts”, will be activated for all feed posts.

Facebook like counter

It is expected that the functionality will be identical to Instagram. In the next few weeks, Facebook will offer the option to hide like count or post from other users.

Source: The Verge

This option was created because of the anxiety and stress that users experience when they are exposed to criticism and bullying. According to studies, the services are “the worst for young people’s mental and physical health.”

Facebook has funded “external research on people’s Instagram experiences” and is seeking to make improvements to their products and policies to help their communities. The feature has been launched on Instagram by Facebook. It will arrive on the platform within the next few weeks.