Facebook Users Cannot Transfer PUBG Mobile Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton allows players to transfer data from PUBG Mobile Scandinavia Map: Livik into the Battlegrounds Mobile India App. The company now says it will stop players who use the Facebook login method. The reason for this announcement is due to changes made in the policies update related the Facebook SDK.

According to the company, login using a Facebook account within embedded browsers on Android devices will cease after October 5. The last date for data transfer would be September 28. The user will still have access to the game via their Facebook account. However, the Facebook app will need to be installed on the device.

In a blog post, the company stated that it would ask for data transfers to be completed before September 28, if you want to transfer an account to Facebook. The company also stated that login won’t be possible after October 5 if the Facebook App has not been installed. It added, “We are sorry once more for any inconvenience caused above.”

According to the company, if any changes are made it will post a notice immediately on its website.

Transfer your PUBG Mobile data into Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Tap Basic in the Settings Panel.
  • Choose the Transfer your Old Data to your Previous Account option.
  • Register to Facebook or Twitter, and you can allow transfer.