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All adventurers are welcome. Welcome to my Show. We are grateful that this is the 18th episode in our feat series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Fade away feat 5e. Found in the xanathar’s guide to everything as always if you don’t got it please get it is worth it.

This is for you, little people. No, i’m not talking about dwarves, no i’m not talking about halflings, that’s right we’re talking about the gnome and the sneaky gnome in this case. This is some amazing stuff. You are not sure how feats work? These feats can be accessed and used in a variety of ways. I’ll give you brief explanation.

They are given at the end each level. They are awarded to some classes more frequently than others. There are generally four levels. You got them in placement of your ability score improvement, they’re essentially extra features, traits, abilities and skill sets you can give your character that gives them a little more of a customized and personalized feeling.

With that description of the way let’s take a look at the description for fade away 5e feat.


As i kind of alluded to earlier there is a prerequisite and that’s got to be a gnome. This race is the most underrated in the game. Can’t say i’ve ever played with a gnome if we’re gonna be honest with you. The entire feat can be read here.

Gnome Prerequisite must be met before you can use the Gnome Prerequisite

Your family members are smart and skilled at illusion magic. It is a well-known fact that the trick of disappearing whenever you hurt yourself is a magic trick. These are just a few of the many benefits you can reap.

This feat will enable you to increase your Intelligence and dexterity scores by up to 20.

One reaction can make you magically disappear until the next turn. This applies to all actions, including those that attack, deal damage, or force someone into a saving throw. Once you’ve used this ability and also you can not do so again until unless you do finish one short or one long rest.

There are many things to know. That being said let’s take a look a walkthrough and kind of explain this a little bit better.


So, the +1 to dexterity intelligence, not really a whole lot to unpack there, i’d probably just pick whichever one is kind of around that modifier increase or whichever one you’re using more frequently. They should not be close to ability modifier or ability score increases.

Secondly that second half my goodness that’s a wordy one. This means that you need to inflict the most damage on your opponent before you can be hit. This is what I find most frustrating about this. It’s almost like you disappear magically. If we run familiar with how invisibility works i’m just tell you the source from the player’s handbook here.

Without special senses or magic, it is impossible for an invisible creature to be seen. For the purpose of hiding the creature is heavily obscured which gives you, can’t be hit basically it gives you a really good bonus to HC and the creatures location can be detected by making any, the creatures location can be detected by any noise it makes or any tracks it leaves.

The creature with disadvantage is the one that has the second point attack roll, while the creature with advantages has the other. It’s fantastic stuff. So it’s something i would like to point out yeah gotta wait until a long or short rest use it again. This is the biggest drawback. This is a temporary flaw that wears away when you attack or deal damage and force someone else make a saving throw. This is pretty much every offensive action that you can take.

Yeah it’s still pretty cool. That being said let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


Is it better than any other feat? It all depends on your play style, but I will say that for most of the parts it is not. If you removed that short or long rest requirement i would say it was overpowered but because that’s there you can really only use it once maybe twice a day. It can be used three times if you have a challenging session.

A cleric or assassin is either the assassin, or a good class to play with. It would be a mutually beneficial experience for them both, and more so than any other person. Reason being they’ll explain both of them will start the assassin first.

This is a great advantage for assassins or rogues. Sneak attack damage can be taken twice and sneak attack advantages can be obtained. You can run fast. Reason being rogues if you’ve never played one before, they can use dash as a bonus action.

Let’s assume your movement speed is 30 feet. This is how most races are. You can take damage, become invisble, move 30ft, and then move another 30ft to complete your bonus action. This could make it possible to put significant distance between you and your enemy. So that’s kind of why rogues had gained a lot from it.

On the subject of clerics it doesn’t say that healing effects it, the invisibility rather so you could take damage turn invisible go to an ally who’s probably taking advantage’s or taking damage as well and heal them or buff them significantly.

It sounds fantastic and would be extremely useful. It could be used to heal oneself, or it could be used thematically.

That being said if you have any alternative uses, any cool play styles, any builds related to this feat or any cool stories in general i’d really like to hear them down in the comments, i love reading them so does everyone checking this article please be a part of our community we’re always happy to have more people. I’m grateful for your support. Happy adventuring!