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Father’s Day will this year be observed on Sunday, June 20, 2021. Many will be unable to visit their fathers due to the pandemic. Virtual meetups are the best solution. Video calling apps like WhatsApp, Zoom and Google Meet can be used to communicate with dads on Father’s Day. You can also send your dad special Happy Father’s Day messages, stickers, GIFs and wishes via WhatsApp.

Happy Father’s Day WhatsApp Stickers

Open WhatsApp App

-Open the contact for your father on the app

Click on the sticker option

Click on Send to send the sticker that is related to Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day WhatsApp GIFs

Open WhatsApp App

-Email your dad to open the contact page on the app

Click on GIF to activate it

Search the GIF related to Happy Father’s Day, and then click on Send Option

Image source: Pexels

Happy Father’s Day WhatsApp messages: How do you send it?

Open WhatsApp App

-Open the contact for your father on the app

Send a note to your father

Click on the Send option

How to make Happy Father’s Day WhatsApp status 2021

Open WhatsApp App

Click on the WhatsApp Status option to activate it

Upload a photo/video/GIF, or send a message to your dad

Click on the Send option

Image source: Pixabay

How to Download Happy Father’s Day WhatsApp Stickers 2021

There are many third-party apps that allow you to download Happy Father’s Day 2021 stickers if you don’t see the relevant sticker in WhatsApp. Only Android users can use these apps.

Open Google Play Store

Find the right WhatsApp sticker app. Many are available. Before downloading an app, make sure to read reviews and rate it.

Install the app on your Android smartphone and then open it.

You can also choose the Happy Father’s Day 2021 sticker

Now, open the WhatsApp App

Download the sticker, and choose it

To send a super cool father a Happy Father’s Day sticker, tap here