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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39: Free Fire Elite Pass, the level-based system help players get rewards by completing missions. A new season of Elite Pass is released every month that brings along a range of in-game items. Elite Pass Season 38 ‘Guns for Hire’ is closing in this month, and with that, the pre-order for the next season has now begun. Here are all the details of the Free Fire Elite Season 39 Wildland Walkers.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Wildland Walkers: Blazing Scarecrow Bundle, Scarecrow Grenade skin, other leaked rewards

Free Fire upcoming Elite Pass Season 39 is named Wildland Walkers. The pre-order of the new season elite pass has begun starting today. Players will be able to pre-order it till July 31. The price for the Elite Pass is the same as that of the previous pass and will cost 999 diamonds. Notably, those who pre-order the Elite Bundle will get exclusive Scarecrow Grenade skin. As for the rewards, reports suggest the new season elite pass will include Blazing Scarecrow, Fiery Scarecrow bundle. The new Elite Pass will likely bundle in- Wildland Walker vest, Scarecrow Avatar, Scarecrow parachute strikes.

How to pre-order Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39

Step 1- First up, open the Free Fire game on your device, and head to the Elite Pass section.

Step 2- Tap on the icon beside the upgrade button.

Step 3- Then press on the ‘999’ diamonds button.

Step 4- Once done, a dialog box will pop-up asking whether you want to confirm the purchase. Pressing on the yellow diamond button will successfully complete the transaction.

To recall, the monthly subscription system was removed from Season 31 back in December 2020. That said, players should keep in note that to advance through the pass and grab cosmetic items they will require badges. The badges can be obtained by completing in-game daily and weekly missions.