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All adventurers, of all sizes and shapes! We are pleased to present another episode in our feat series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at a newer feat created by the team at critical role. One of these feats is the Gun specialist feat 5e it is completely optional, DM’s don’t have to use it. If you do plan to use it, please make sure that your DM approves. Cuz it’s it kind of changes the whole landscape of the world. Let’s be real, firearms may be involved. In any case let’s take a look at the description here. So we know exactly what we’re talking about.


You’re just being adept for at using the guns more efficiently.

  • You will acquire proficiency with the Firearms.
  • If you roll a misfire for an attack with a particular firearm, you can quickly use your reaction to make a d20. Suppose, if a number have been rolled is higher than a weapon’s misfire score, of course the firearm doesn’t misfire too. This feat cannot be used unless you have taken a short or extended rest.
  • Whenever you use an attack action and an attack with the one-handed weapon, you can simply use a bonus action for an attack with the loaded firearm with the light property that you are holding.

This is very cool. I love the way you worded it. If you’re not familiar with the misfire effect it’s actually gone over in the gunslinger archetype over under the fighter. Essentially if you roll below a certain point, the gun will misfire and you’ll have to use an action to get it set up again. So it’s pretty helpful, really good. Let’s go through a quick walkthrough it just so we can explain it a little bit better though.


For short or long rest, you can re-create a bad role. That’s basically how it ends up working out and then after attacking with a one-handed weapon . The bonus action allows you to attack with the loaded firearm that has the light property. So it’s very cool, very nice i really like how this plays out on thematic end, i think it’d be great to play kind of like a rapscallion type figure maybe take a couple levels in rogue just to make it even more elusive. I just think it’s really cool.


My personal opinion. Outside of the fact that it’s cool. I don’t know if i’d allow this in my game. Because firearms are a mess with the world I have created. It might make sense in a ravnica setting. It might work well in a modern setting or steampunky. I would choose this for the flavor and not the actual mechanics.

It’s not a bad feat to pick but it’s main priority there being the misfire re-roll is really only a way to combat. The negative aspect of the actual gunslinger class.


So i don’t know feel free to give me your thoughts and impressions down beneath in the comment section. Whether or not you’d allow in your game. I’m just really curious to hear what you have to say. Please share any stories that involve firearms. We are grateful to you for sharing your wonderful day. As always, happy adventuring and thank you.