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Hello d&d players and dungeon masters ! Thank you for supporting our spells series, we’re gonna be jamming them out pretty quick here. So if you’ve missed a couple just check out our dnd 5e spells table by visiting this pageYou can! The official website will take you there. Now let’s talk about the Flame Stride 5E Spell.


Level: 3
Casting time1 Bonus Action
Components:V, S
Duration:1 Minute
School: Transmutation


As per this d&d 5e flame stride spell the billowing flames of the dragon could cover your feet, even though it is granting you explosive speed. For a particular duration, your speed shall be enhanced by 20 feet and even it’s moving does not provoke the opportunity attacks.

If you are closer than 5ft, you can inflict 1d6 flame damage to any creature/object. This damage can only be applied to one creature/object per turn.

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Higher Levels

The Flame Stride 5E spell increases speed by 5 feet each time it is cast. Each slot above the third level will receive 1d6 fire damage.