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My blog is for adventurers from all walks of life. My blog post is now online. Thank you for taking the time to watch the 20th episode of our feat series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the coolest feats. Hands-down found in 5e d&d when i read this i could not believe this is real. I’ve never actually really played tieflings that much why was z this is pretty good. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Flames of Phlegethos feat dnd 5e. It is found in the xanathar’s guide to everything handbook and let me tell you this is aimed at a very particular kind of player and i will get that in thoughts section of this article. That being said let’s take a look at the description. Now we know what we are talking about.


This was an idea that I had previously mentioned. But there is a prerequisite for this and that is you’ve got to be a tiefling or a feral tiefling. Essentially, if you’re not a full tiefling no advantage to this. It doesn’t really matter what you do, ignore it. Think about your poor life choices but you don’t get access to it.

The description is however as follows:

This dnd 5e feat can be used to summon the hellfire and perform your orders. This feat will allow you to summon the hellfire to perform your orders.

  • This feat dnd5e will increase your Intelligence score and charisma score by up to 20.
  • If you roll fire damage, and any spells you cast, you can also reroll any roll of 1 on a fire damages die. But you should always use that new roll, regardless of whether it’s 1.
  • If you cast a spell dealing with fire damage, flames can surround you until the end your next round. They will not cause damage to you or your possessions. They will also shine brightly up to 30 feet and dim the light up to 30 feet. Any creature within 5ft of you who strikes you with a melee attack takes 1d4 fire damage.

Is that not the coolest the feat you’ve ever heard up until this point for sure. It’s gotta be in my opinion it is hands down. This is amazing. Okay that being said let’s take a look at the walkthrough so we can kind of get a better picture of what we are talking about.


So, the plus one intelligence/charisma that’s pretty self explanatory. I’d honestly go with whatever closer or with whatever one was more likely to bump up your charisma modifier if they’re both at the same point, i’m just put it whatever one you use more often if you’re a wizard intelligence for about everyone else, charisma is gonna be the one you’re wanting it to be in.

That’s it! The second part of this spell is just amazing. This spell is incredible and can be re-rolled once. It’s simply more powerful than other feats in many ways. Of course i’m talking about magic adept or elemental adeptThis topic will not be covered in the next episode. Rolling damage die is superior to increasing minimum roll even if it’s only one, in the case where elemental adepts are concerned.

This is the strongest option for greater damage potential. This is really cool. Now let’s get into the third proponent and definitely the coolest thematically.

You are engulfed by flames. I think that’s crazy good, reason being you get the advantage of bright light and dim light which isn’t of huge consequence to you because your tiefling so odds are you get dark vision but it’ll really helpful your party and i’ll really help you draw aggro as well.

The plus are in the 1d4 damage to melee attacks is also super great that’s essentially thorns. Right but it’s fire damage and should you roll a one on that 1d4 which you will you know about a quarter of the time. It’s possible to reroll it. How cool is that i think that’s incredibly neat.

I hope you found this helpful. Now for my personal thoughts if you haven’t guessed already.


This is a wonderful idea. I think thematically it’s a very cool very interesting really plays out well for a lot of classes and it can really built it to a character’s backstory and fold in to make them a far more interesting character in the eyes of the world that they’re operating in.

What are the advantages for each side? This is the only one I can give. It all depends upon the style of play. So the paladin for sure would benefit from this a lot, simply because of the ability to draw aggro from it and paladin’s contained through most things. So it’s not a huge issue.

The obvious choice would be the eldritch Knight. The fire effect can be achieved by combining it with the green flameblade. It’s really cool. In terms of who else you know, it kind of depends if you’re playing a hex blade warlock this would be very good for that.

I’m not too sure how it would work for a close male erode. I’m assuming it would still work fine but they’d have to be arcane trickster in order to really take advantage of the whole third proponent of being drenched in flames so. I don’t quite know how well that would work i suppose go is taking magic initiate to back it up. But it’s kind of a long build strategy.

In any case rambling aside if you have any crazy ideas for Flames of Phlegethos please let me know down in the comment section as well if you have any cool stories involving it i’ve never played a character with this, i’ve never played with a character who’s you who use this and i’ve never the end anyone who’s used is so.

Your stories are very very beneficial for us right now and everyone else loves reading them as well so if you wouldn’t mind doing that for us i really do appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time. I wish you all happy adventuring and casting.