Free Fire Moco Rebirth Event: How to get Moco accessories for free

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth event Latest Update: Free Fire is back with yet another exciting event – Moco Rebirth. One of the most popular in-game character Moco is having its very own in-game event. The event brings a refreshed interface, tons of exclusive items, and a bunch of other exciting rewards.

“The Moco: Rebirth event will reveal the awakened version of the character, an outlaw who aided friend Steffi in her escape from prison. During this mission, Moco comes across an old friend who paves the way for her awakening. Once fully awakened, Moco is convinced she is not bound by the rules of the world and is free to live her life however she wishes. The genius hacker – Moco’s ability is to tag enemies that are shot, sharing this information with fellow teammates,” Garena mentioned in its post.

Several events are lined up in Free Fire this month. The events are scheduled till September 26 and bring along new pets, gun skins, parachute, grenade skin, etc. In this article, we will explain how to get Moco accessories in Free Fire for free. But before we begin here are the in-game Moco accessories details.

Moco Month Pin, Bonfire, Summon Airdrop, Scan, Cyber Falco (Pet skin), Supply Crate, Pet food, Armor Crate, Moco’s Wings (parachute), Random Loadout Loot Crate, Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, Gold Royale Voucher.

To grab these in-game accessories players will require Moco coins or M coins. These coins can be earned at the Moco: Rebirth event, here’s how-

How to get Moco coins in Free Fire Moco Rebirth event

Step 1- Free Fire players should launch the game first and head to the Calendar option.

Step 2- After that, select ‘Coder’s Crib’ under Moco: Rebirth event.

Step 3- Then tap on the ‘Go To’ option.

Step 4- Then click on ‘Pew Pew Pew’. (Do note that you need to have ample Coder Cube CIs to take part in ‘Pew Pew,’ Coder Cube CIs are available in in-game events)

Step 5- Players will have to finish the mini-games to earn Moco coins.

Step 6- Upon completion, they will be rewarded with M coins which they can redeem for Moco accessories.

Moco coins required for accessories

Diamond Royale Voucher – 50 Moco Coins

Weapon Royale Voucher – 50 Moco Coins

Moco’s Wings (parachute) – 150 Moco Coins

Random Loadout Loot Crate – 15 Moco Coins

Gold Royale Voucher – 30 Moco Coins

Pet food – 30 Moco Coins

Armor Crate – 15 Moco Coins

Supply Crate – 15 Moco Coins

Cyber Falco (Pet skin) – 150 Moco Coins

Moco Month Pin – 200 Moco Coins

Bonfire – 15 Moco Coins

Summon Airdrop – 15 Moco Coins

Scan – 15 Moco Coins