Free Microsoft Word File Conversion

Microsoft Word is the preferred tool for writing memos, letters and brochures. It is best to use PDF files when sharing important documents, such as a resume or form. This will prevent any changes to the file. Although it may seem simple, converting MS files to PDF can be a difficult task when using third-party apps. These steps will make it easy for you to follow.

Convert Word files to PDF

Microsoft Word’s word processing is the easiest way to do this. You can easily convert a document from MS Word to PDF using the desktop version. First, open the document that you wish to convert and click on the “File tab” in the upper left corner.

You will see the “Save As” option at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on Save As will open a new page. You will find ‘Documents” on the right.

To save your file, click the dropdown icon to the right of the “Save” box. Then choose PDF (*.pdf).

Change the filename. Simply enter your preferred filename, then click the Save button.

After the PDF file has been saved, the word process will open the original Word document again and then the new PDF file will be opened in the default PDF viewer.

Here are these steps to help you convert a Word document into a PDF file on MAC.

How do you convert MS Word files to PDF?

The process works if MS Word is installed on your computer. Apple Pages is an alternative option to MS Word.

Click on the Open With button to open the Word document.

After the page is open, click File.

Once the process has been completed, you will see a menu. Click Next to set the image quality at Best.

Next, you will be asked to input the file name and the saved location. After you’ve completed the necessary details, tap the Export button to convert your document into a PDF.

You can also upload your MS Word file to Google Docs if you already have one. After the file is uploaded, you can rename the file by filling in the details at the “Untitled Document” bar. Next, tap the File button and select Download > PDF document. It works with MS Word without much formatting.