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Today we’re going to be talking about Gate Urchin 5E. If you haven’t checked our previous articles on dnd backgrounds from our official page then here is the link to see all of them at one place. In any case let us dive into our today’s topic by starting its description. Let’s get started with out any further delay.


Hillsfar Gate is where all traffic to and from a City of Trade flows. This makes it the ideal spot for the destitute to meet, gossip, busk, panhandle and pick pockets. But you would grow up in the streets that were under that huge steel edifice. Although you might have moved on, there are still many friends you have, and this life has had an impact on your life for a long time.

  • Skill Proficiencies. Sleight of Hand and Deception
  • Tool Proficiencies. Thieves’ tools, one type of musical instrument
  • Equipment. A battered Alms Box, a musical Instrument, a cast off military jacket, cap or scarf, a set common clothes, a belt bag, and 10gp
  • Lifestyle. Poor
Red Plume and Mage Guild Contacts

You had made the number of friends among to the Red Plumes and also the Mage’s Guild whenever you have lived at Hillsfar Gate. They will always remember you fondly and they even help you in small ways when they can. You can use any method to invoke their help in Hillsfar to get food and some equipment for temporary purposes. It can be invoked in any way that you wish to gain access to their low-security areas, including the halls and encampments.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality traits

d8Personality trait
1I love the simple things in my life, such as a song, warm meals, or a sunny day. I don’t have any more.
2People are always at fault for my problems. I am never to blame.
3I fear I might end up on the streets again any day.
4I can get along with everyone.
5I see people as conmen, and have difficulty empathizing with them.
6I have a great flair for matching people. I can match anyone with a spouse.
7Money is my measure of affection and appreciation. Talk and acts are the only true measure of affection or appreciation.
8I don’t like to have a lot of stuff. I prefer having just the essentials. I don’t like being tied down, and I tend to give things up when I don’t need them.


1Loyal: I don’t rat out my friends even when they ask the Red Plumes and the Rogues’ Guild. (Lawful)
2Adventurer: I don’t like to do the same thing every single day. I like variety. (Chaotic)
3Strong: Only the strongest survive. I admire those who are powerful and strong. (Any)
4Witty: Brains are more important than brains. I can rely on my wits to make decisions and appreciate others who do the exact same. (Any)
5Honest: Other people can do what they wish, but I won’t lie or steal to feed my family. (Good)
6They are not grateful: They give to feel better. They steal from me. (Evil)


1When I needed food, the Joydancers in Lliira provided me with my instrument. They are a terrible bunch.
2Busking taught me how to love music more than anything else.
3When I had to do a job that required me to cut them in, the Rogues’ Guild saved me. I owe them a lot.
4Although I am aware that many people dislike the Red Plumes they were actually very kind to me. Red Plumes are my friends and I am proud to support them whenever I can. They do what they can to make ends meet in this world.
5I will one day be wealthy. My children will have the opportunity to live comfortably and stylishly.
6I know firsthand how difficult life is on the streets. I do my best for those who are less fortunate than I am.


1Although I no longer live at The Gate, I still worry about where my next meal will come from.
2Stealing has become a way of life for many years. Sometimes I steal from strangers and don’t even think about it.
3I’m ashamed of my heritage. I pretend that I’m higher-born because I fear the truth will be exposed.
4People who grow up in homes are often spoiled and soft-hearted. They hear me tell them this often.
5Even though I wear fine clothes and sleep well in warm beds, I still feel uncomfortable with eating good food.
6I trust no one who has not lived a hard life.