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Gmail is a very popular application. Spam emails may be a common occurrence for Gmail users. Subscribe to any service or make an account using your Gmail ID and you will receive lots of notifications. Notifications from Amazon Prime, LinkedIn and Twitter will be sent to you.

These steps will allow you to block an email address. If the email address has not been blocked, any emails sent by that sender may be blocked. There are only three steps to block email from Gmail. Let me tell you how to remove unwanted emails from your inbox before I continue.

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You can report spam emails by simply opening the email, clicking on the triangle button in the upper-right corner. There are many options. You can also “Report Spam” to Google and help improve your service. You can also change your “Labels” from the same place. Click “Junk” to remove any email address from your mailbox. Keep reading for more information about how to remove an email address from your inbox.

How do I unblock an email address in Gmail?

Begin by logging in to Gmail.

Next, you will need to open the email address that you want to block.

Step 3. Select the three-dotted icon located beneath the star icon. You have a variety of choices, including Block. You can simply tap the button to block any email address.


Select More settings by clicking the Settings gear icon Select Prevent junk mail and select Safe or blocked sender. Enter the email address to block the sender by clicking the Block Senders button. To stop the sender sending you more emails, click the Add to List option.

To create a filter, you can select one or more messages and then use More-Filter messages such as these to create the filter. These messages can be sent to trash, provided you don’t select “never send do spam”. )19-Jul-2019

Log in to Microsoft.
Click Options in the upper right corner. Then click More options.
Click Filters and Reporting under Preventing Junk Email
Select the option you wish to use under Filters and Reporting, then click Save.

Go to Gmail from your computer.
– Click on the link to open the message
Click More in the upper right.
– Click Block [sender].

Open the Gmail App on your Android smartphone or tablet
– Click on the link to open the message
Tap More in the upper right corner of the message.
– Tap Block [sender].

Open Gmail App
Locate and open the message sent by the sender that you wish to block.
– Click on the triangle in the upper right corner to send the message.
Tap Block (sender’s initials)


Gmail can be used to get rid of unwanted emails. You must however follow these steps to permanently block an email address. To permanently ban an email address from being used, open Gmail on your computer. Next, locate the email address of the sender.