Gmail full? How to quickly delete large size emails, free up space

Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Docs, Sheets and others have become a crucial part of our lives, especially in the process of remote working. I receive uncountable work emails every single day and that fills the free space of my Google account. In this case, Google requires us to clear some emails so new emails can reach us on time. But, that’s a time taken task and no one has the time to select and delete all the unwanted emails. Well, there’s a trick to this quickly. This trick will let you select and delete large files at a go and make some space for new emails.

Well, to quickly select and delete emails with large files is by writing “larger:20m” in the email search bar. With this Gmail will display all emails larger than 20MB in size. You can select all emails at a go or delete mails one by one and make space for new emails. You can pick any size that you want — 5MB, 1MB, 10MB, or others for the emails you wish to delete. This process will make it easy for you to find the large size emails quickly and delete them and free up some space.

This is one way to free up space on Gmail. We have listed out some more ways that will let you resolve the Gmail full issue.

Delete unwanted files from Google Photos

Another way you can resolve the Gmail full issue is by deleting unwanted files from Google Drive and Google Photos. By default Google offers 15GB free storage to all users. The storage is shared across various Google platforms including Drive, Photos, among others. Clearing data from other Google services can also help in resolving the Gmail full issue.

Clear promotional mails

One more way to free up space is by clearing all promotional and updates emails. If you have been using Gmail for a long time you will know that there are separate tabs for Update emails, Promotional emails and so on. To free up space for new emails you can simply delete all the existing update and promotional emails. These emails are mostly unwanted and deleting them will not be of any harm. You can simply click on clear all emails to delete all the promotional emails you have received so far. It’s going to take some time for the emails to clear up. So, have some patience.

Buy storage

The last process to free up space is by buying storage. If you think all your existing emails, photos and other documents are important and cant be deleted, you can simply buy storage. Google offers 100GB storage at a price of $1.99 per month. The tech giant also offers 1TB of storage for a $9.99 in case you require more storage.