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Google services like YouTube, Google Mail, YouTube Docs, Sheets, and Docs have been a vital part of our daily lives. This is especially true for remote workers. My Google account is overflowing with work emails. Google asks us to delete some of these emails in order for new messages to reach us promptly. This is a tedious task that takes time and most people don’t have the time or the patience to delete every unwanted email. There’s an easy way to do this fast. You can select large files and then delete them at once, freeing up space to send new email.

To quickly delete large emails, simply write “larger 20m” into the email search box. Gmail will show all email larger than 20MB. It is possible to select multiple emails simultaneously, or you can delete individual mails and create space for new ones. For the email you are deleting, you can choose from a variety of sizes: 5MB to 1MB or 10MB. You can quickly find large-sized emails and then delete them.

This is one method to clear up Gmail’s space. There are many other ways to resolve this issue with Gmail.

Google Photos: Unwanted files can be deleted

You can also resolve Gmail’s full problem by unwelcome files being deleted from Google Drive or Google Photos. Google defaults to offering 15GB of storage for all users. This storage can be shared between Google services, including Drive and Photos. Gmail can be solved by removing data from any other Google service.

Send clear promotional mails

Clearing out all updates and promotional emails is another way to save space. You will have used Gmail for some time and know there are tabs that separate for updates, promotional emails and other types of emails. You can delete any existing promotional and update emails to free up space. They are usually not needed and can be deleted without any problems. To delete any promotional email you’ve received, click clear all emails. The emails will take some time to get cleared up. Have patience.


You can also buy storage to clear out space. You can buy storage if you feel that all of your emails, photos, and documents must be kept safe. Google provides 100GB storage for $1.99 per monthly. In case you need more storage, Google also provides 1TB storage at a cost of $9.99