Gmail: How to set additional security on your Google account

Gmail is one of the most used apps all over the world. Google has previously pointed out that a lot of users end up setting weak passwords of their accounts. This further increases the chances of the hack. If you have a Gmail account, you might be aware of how important it is to keep it safe as you use it for your professional and personal work.

In case you are confused between your Gmail and Google account, then we will explain it to you. So, when you sign up for a Gmail account, the address that is created is basically also used for Google account sign in for other services offered by Google. In simpler terms, creating a Gmail account means that you have a Google account for the company’s other services.

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If you have not already set up the 2-factor authentication for your Google account, then you can check the steps below. Apart from this, we advise you to change your passwords at regular intervals and set a strong and unusual password. Don’t hesitate to change your password earlier, if you feel it is not safe enough or if you suspect someone might have guessed it. Even after you’ve mastered the art of keeping strong passwords, you can improve your security in other ways. A good practice to follow is to regularly update your recovery phone number/email address.

Gmail: How to set additional security on your Google account

Step 1: Go to your Gmail account > settings > Manage accounts. Tap on your Gmail account and select Google account. Alternatively, you can go to your phone’s settings, and visit the Google menu > Manage your Google account.

Step 2: In the navigation panel, you need to find the security option.

Step 3: Under “Signing in to Google,” select 2-Step Verification, and then get started. Follow the on-screen steps. You get a bunch of options to add additional security to your Google account.