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Gmail is one the most popular apps in the world. Google previously noted that many users set weak passwords to their accounts. The chances of hacking are increased by this. You might already be familiar with the importance of protecting your Gmail account as you use it professionally and personally.

We will clarify the differences between Gmail account and Google account if you get confused. The address you create when signing up for Gmail is also used to sign into other Google services. Simply put, a Gmail Account is a Google account that allows you to access other Google services.

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You can follow the below steps if you are not yet able to set up 2-factor authentication on your Google account. We recommend that you change your passwords regularly and create a unique and strong password. If you are concerned about your password being too secure or you think someone may have already guessed it, don’t hesitate changing it sooner. You can still improve your security even after mastering the art of creating strong passwords. It is a good idea to update your email address and recovery number regularly.

Google Mail: Additional security for your Google Account

First, go to Settings > Manage Accounts in your Gmail account. Click on the Gmail account to select Google account. You can also go to the settings of your phone and access Google Menu > Manage Google Account.

Second Step: You will need to locate the security option in the navigation panel.

3rd Step: Select 2-Step Verification under “Signing In to Google” and you can get started. Follow the instructions. There are many options available to increase your security for your Google account.