Google app will now show you Pac-Man, Hello Kitty and more in AR: Here’s how

Google AR now features Pac-Man and Hello Kitty as well as Gundam in 3D Augmented Reality. This will allow users to see all these characters in different scales and view life-sized renders within their own home.

Google posted a blog announcement introducing all these Japanese characters into Google AR. The characters that are being added include Cogimyun and Evangelion as well as Gundam, Gundam, Kogi-min, Gundam, Kogi-min, Gomoras Gundam, Little Twin Stars (Taiko Master), Pac-Man, Pompompurin and the Taiko no Tatsujin drums.

The company posted that Pac Man was number one on the list. Next came Hello Kitty. But, Hello Kitty’s search results were half as high than Pac-Man.

What is the best way to see all new Google AR characters in action?

You can view all AR characters by searching for them in the Google App. Then, tap on the “View 3D” option. This feature will only be available to you on Android 7 and higher. Augmented Reality will also be available for devices with ARCore. iPhone users must have iOS 11 or greater to view AR and 3D content.

The company recently enhanced AR capabilities in its Search service. These enhanced AR capabilities, according to the company, will improve online education for students, teachers, and parents. As part of the L.E.A.R.N. initiative, it also revealed that complex equations will be displayed and 3D graphics to show chemical formulas. initiative.