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Google has recently added emoji responses to Google Meet. Google Meet now allows users of Google Meet to use emojis like heart, laugh loudly and thumbs up for feedback. These emojis are accessible by clicking the Clock icon located right beside the Screen Sharing button. Google Docs now has the exact same function.

Google announced recently that it will be adding emoji responses to Google Docs. According to Google, the new feature of emoji reactions offers an alternative to commenting on content within a document. Newly announced features will include the most recent emojis, which accurately represent users’ identities. Google also included new skin tones for emojis and gender preferences.

This feature will be available to all G Suite Basic, Business, Legacy G Suite Basic, and Google Workspace users. It is also being made available for personal Google Accounts. It will become available in 15 days to all Google Docs users. The company also stated that the Google Docs emoji reaction feature will automatically be turned on by default. Users will not have the ability to disable it. Administrators won’t have any control over this rollout.

Here’s a guide that will show you how to share your emoji reactions on Google Docs.

How to use Google emoji reactions

Step 1: On your PC, open a Google Docs page.

Step 2 Choose the text that you wish to respond to.

Step 3. In the left margin, click on Add Emoji Reaction. You can also go to Insert, and choose Emoji reaction.

Next, choose an emoji to be added. Search terms can be used to find an emoji.


Open a Google Docs file on your iPhone/iPad.
Tap Add Comment after you have selected the cell or text.
You can also add your own text.
Tap Done

You can open a Google Doc from your computer.
You can click the text that you wish to respond to and either click the Add Emoji Reaction button on the right side of the screen, or click Insert and then click the Emoji reaction.
You can choose which Emoji to send to people to express your feelings.

Open a Google document on your computer.
Highlight text, images or cells you wish to make a comment about.
Click on the toolbar to add comments.
Type your comment.

Open a file, spreadsheet or presentation on your computer.
Highlight text, images or cells you wish to make a comment about.
Click Add Comment in the toolbar to add a comment.
Type your comment.
Click here to comment

Open a file from the Google Docs, Sheets, Slides apps on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Highlight text, images or cells you wish to make a comment about.
Tap More to add your comment.
Type your comment.
Tap @ to enter the name of the person or their email address.


Google introduced emoji responses in Google Meet recently, and now has the feature available for Google Docs.