Google Maps for iOS gets this much-awaited feature, here’s how to use it

Google Maps for iOS gets the much-awaited Dark Mode. While Google added the greyscale interface on the platform in August some outlets like The Verge cite to have witnessed the floater on Maps since September. Although the general mass wasn’t able to access the feature back then.

While iOS users are no longer left in dark, another perk of Dark Mode is that it will help save battery life, a priority for most iPhone users. Here’s how you can enable the Dark Mode on Google Maps for iOS.

How to turn on Dark Mode on Google Maps in simple steps

Step 1- To enable Dark Mode on the iOS app first tap on your profile photo from the main Google Maps interface.

Step 2: Then head to Settings from the menu and select ‘Dark Mode’ from the Using Maps section.

Step 3: Next up you will see three options- On, Off, and “Same as device setting.” The third option automatically turns the dark mode on or off depending on what you have enabled at the OS level. Once activated you will see a greyscale in the Google Maps background.

To recall, Google brought the Dark Mode to Android in February. The process to enable the mode is slightly different than that on iOS. On Android, you will have to tap on your profile picture then open “Settings,” and then tap “Theme,” after which you will be able to select from the three options same as the ones on iOS. Notably, Apple introduced the Dark theme with iOS 13, but it took its rival a bit long to implement on both platforms.

As for the usage, The Verge suggests that on both iOS, Android, users should keep Google Maps settings the same as that in their device so that apps match well with one another.