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Google Meet users will be in for a surprise. As part of a second extension, the popular video-calling platform is now free to use until June 30.

It will enable people to make unlimited calls with friends and family members, as well as people at work. These are our details.

Google Meet Free until Summer 2021

According to Google Workplaces Twitter account, this summer you can use Gooogle Meet to make unlimited calls (mainly for 24 hours), all year. If you are a Gmail user, this can be achieved.

After Google extended its free Google Meet program until March 31, this extension is now in effect. The earlier September 2020 deadline was extended by this extension. Google removed the 60 minute limit for video calls when Gmail account holders were able to access the free version.

Google’s generosity has meant that there is a chance the June 30 deadline will be extended. It’s just an assumption and it is not certain if this will actually happen.

Google Meet through Gmail: How do you access it?

Google Meet’s new free version will be available for three more months. You should use it to make as many calls and as many video chats as you wish. Download the Google Meet app for Android/iOS phones or visit the site.

There is an easier, more hassle-free way to make Google Meet Calls. Simply open Gmail. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Open your Gmail. You can do this on either your Android device, iOS or web.

Step two: You will find a Meet icon in the Gmail App. Clicking on it, you can make voice and video calls. Simply tap it to open a meeting, or to join one already established with the code that you have. Then you can start video calls.

Step 3 To start a video conference, simply head over to Gmail for web’s Meet section. You can choose to either Join a meeting or create a new meeting.

You may recall that Google Meet lets you add as many people to a single conference call. It also allows you to share your screen and has noise cancelling. This ensures privacy and security.