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Google One, which is essentially a subscription service offers you more storage across Google Drive and Gmail. You also receive exclusive benefits, in addition to additional storage. Google One accounts can be shared with 5 members of your family at no cost.

You will need to purchase the basic subscription for Google One. This gives you 100GB of storage space per month at Rs 130 or Rs 1,300 annually. This subscription allows you to share the additional storage with family members and friends. According to Google, subscribers get access Google experts as well as other benefits.

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You don’t have to pay for the subscription if you already have 15GB free space if you have a Google Account. If you own an Android smartphone, then you already know how easy it is to fill up the 15GB space. Google Drive might be used to backup data already, but if you aren’t, read below.

Google Drive: How do you back up your data?

Step 1. Go to the System, then go to Backup. You can also find the same option in Settings > Google > Backup. The Backup option is also available in Drive.

2nd step: Turn on “Backup to Google Drive” in the Backup section. Here, you’ll see the account name as well as the time since your last backup. To manually backup your Android phone’s data, tap the “Backup now” button.

You will notice that photos and videos are compressed when you backup them using Google Photos. You will need to download the Google One app to save your photos at their original resolution. You can restore data from an earlier backup using the Google One app. Just tap “Get Backup” in the Storage section.

Google One is the best way to back up your Android smartphone.

First, you need to download the Google One App and then open it.

Second Step: Sign in to your Google account, and follow the steps.

Step 3 Now, you need to click on “Backup now”. You can see how much storage you’ve used in the app.


– Go to the Settings app on your smartphone.
Select Google. Backup. Optional: Turn on Backup by Google One if you are new to the service. Follow the instructions.
Now, tap Back up.

Make sure your Android phone is connected to your Google Account. This will allow you to save your backups.
Start WhatsApp and verify your phone number.
When prompted, tap RESTORE to restore chats or media from Google Drive.
Tap NEXT after the restoration is completed.

Open the Google One App on your Android smartphone
Tap Storage at the top
Scroll down to the Device Backup section. Tap to set up data backup if this is your first backup.
Tap Manage backup to view your backup settings. Tip: Choose the backup settings that you prefer:
Now, tap Back up.

– USB.
Google Account
– Bluetooth.
– Wi-Fi.

Drag Android File Transfer into your Applications folder. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone and Mac. Double-click the Android File Transfer icon. Browse your Android files and folders and select the items that you would like to backup or sync on your Mac. 19-Aug-202020

– USB.
Google Account
– Bluetooth.
– Wi-Fi.


Google One, a subscription service, offers you more storage across Google Drive and Gmail. Exclusive benefits include the ability to share your account up to five family members and access to Google experts. Basic membership costs Rs 130 per Month