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Google offers free online backups for our photos and videos via the Photos app. Google will now cap the amount of storage that is available to us starting on June 1. While users will still have access to 15GB free storage, unlimited back-ups of images in High Quality will start being counted towards that total instead of being free. Once the storage has been used up, one must pay.

The catch is that you only need to pay for storage space once it has exhausted its limit. Mobile photographers who are serious about using Google Photos will need to increase their monthly costs, but casual photographers can use it free of charge. You can use Google Photos without having to pay monthly fees if you have enough storage.

These are some helpful tips to help you keep Google Photos Backup free.

Google Photos: How to get free backup of your photos after June 1, 2021

Google is discontinuing unlimited backups of high-quality photos as part of its updated terms and condition. Google Photos users will be allowed to upload photos for free, provided that the storage indicator doesn’t show more than 15GB.

That’s it! As long as you don’t exceed 15GB, that is the key. These are some ways to better manage your storage, except if you’re willing to spend more.

Auto backup off

This backup is crucial. Photos by default creates a backup for all your images, even those WhatsApp forwards. You can prevent this from happening by turning off auto-upload. You can go to Google every month to manually select the photos that you wish to back up.

Only keep the essentials

Backup only the necessary photos. WhatsApp memes and photo scans can be ignored unless the photos are critical. You can also delete duplicate photos.

Clear Gmail spam

Although emails on Gmail seem only to take a few Kilobytes, a compilation of promotional and OTP email over several months can take up many GBs. Clear out junk emails from Gmail. This is good practice. This alone can give you an additional 2-3GB depending on how often you check your Gmail.

Maintain Google Drive regularly

Google Drive files, like Gmail’s, also take up a lot space. It is best to only keep the necessary files and not store anything else. You can download large files to your device, but not if it is absolutely necessary.

Google Docs Maintenance

Clear out any older Google Docs documents that you are using to write and store files. This will allow you to free up more space. Same applies to Sheets.