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Google made a major change to its storage policy last week. Google has ended unlimited free storage worldwide. After the 15GB free storage limit expires, Google Photos will be available for purchase starting June 1, 2021. Google allows users to adjust to this change over time.

You can backup your photos and videos that you’ve used for many years with Google Photos and still get a free account. After the 15GB free storage has been used, Google lets you buy 100GB storage at Rs Rs 130 per monthly or Rs 1,300 annually.

Let’s simplify things today and give tips on how to back up your Google Photos photos and videos and free up space.

Google Takeout is required to backup all your Google Photos photos and videos to your laptop, tablet, phone or mobile device. This service will allow users to access all data in their Google accounts, including YouTube and Google Drive.

Google Photos Backup: How do I backup videos and photos?

STEP 1: Sign in first to your Google Account. Next, go to to backup or download all data from your Google Account.

STEP 2: Once the website has opened, select the “Deselect All” option.

STEP 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then select Google Photos.

STEP 4: Continue scrolling down and then click the Next Step button.

STEP 5: In the frequency options, you will see both export once or export every two weeks for one year. You can choose as you wish.

STEP 6: Choose and.tgz. Google allows you to choose file size options, with files up to 50GB.

STEP 7: After you’ve done that, click on Export.

STEP 8: After confirming your account, you will receive an email.

STEP 9: Google backups can take up to a couple of hours depending on the data you have.

STEP 10: Google will send you an email after the backup has been completed. It will inform you that your data are available for download.