Google to shut down “ask and answer” feature on April 30: How to download all your contributions

Google has announced via email that its Search “ask-and-answer” function will cease to exist on April 30, according to an announcement. The company will no longer show frequently asked questions or answers, which used to be at the top of search results. The company also announced that the “your contributions” page will remove all question-answer contributions from users on June 30.

The feature was introduced only a few years ago. The feature populated the first position in relevant search results, providing answers to your query as well as some questions related. Clicking on one of these options will expand it, giving users a quick and easy answer to their query. It can also add more questions to the list that the user can choose to view the answers.

Answers from publishers were the most common way to answer user questions. Users could upload answers to the query, and Gooogle would show them the most relevant answer within its search results.

How do I download my questions and answers to all of them?

Google allows all users of its Search engine to access all questions and answers until June 30. However, the search query page will remove them from April 30.

Users will need to access the Google Takeout service in order to do this. Click here. Users will need to log in to their accounts and select “Search contributions”. The service will then create a record that includes all contributions. The user will receive an email informing them of the creation and a link to download the file.

Are you still interested in getting discovered by Google?

You can still create your “people card” if you want to make sure your profile and company profiles are visible in search results. Your existing websites and social media accounts will be highlighted in the people card. It will also include information that you wish others to see about you.

You will need to enter the search query “add me for search” in the Google app or mobile website to create a person card. Then, follow the prompts on the screen.