Google will end “ask and Answer” on April 30, 2018. How can you download your contributions?

Google via an announcement email has stated that it will be shutting down its “ask and answer” feature on Search on April 30. This means that the company will stop showing the frequently asked questions and answers that usually showed up atop search results. Apart from this, the company has also stated that all of the question-answer user contributions will be removed from all the users “your contributions” page on June 30.

To recall, the feature was only introduced a few years back. It populated the top position of relevant search results with answers to the query and some related questions. Tapping on any of the options, it would expand, providing users with a short and simple answer for their query, while at the same time adding more questions to the list, which the user can decide to read the answers to.

Most of the answers to user queries were filled with answers from publishers. However, users could also upload their answers for the same, with Gooogle deciding to show the apt answer in its search results.

How to download all your questions and answers?

Google will allow all its users to download all of the questions and answers asked by them until June 30, even though, they will be removed from the Search query page from April 30.

To do so, users will be required to use the Google Takeout service, which they can access by clicking here. After heading to the service, the users will have to sign in to their account and then select the “Search contributions” option. This will create a record of all of their contributions, which would include the questions and answers. After the record is generated, the user will be intimated via an e-mail, which will provide them with a download link for the same.

Still interested in being discovered on Google?

If you still want your profile or your company profile to be discovered in search results, you can create your own “people card”. The people card will highlight your existing website or social media profiles. Other than that, it will include other information about yourself, which you want others to know.

To create a people card, you need to search the query “add me to search” inside of the Google mobile app or the mobile website, and then follow the steps prompted on the screen.