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You aren’t imagining this. Over time, your iPhone can slow down. This could be due to many factors. There are many reasons why this might happen, including old iOS versions and too many apps running behind your device. Animation effects can also slow down your phone. Here are some top tricks and tips to help speed up your iPhone if you are also experiencing slow iPhone performance.

Start your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can be one of the best brute-force techniques to increase its speed. Simply hold the volume or side buttons for at least 30 seconds, then drag the power-off slider down to turn the phone off.

Updating your iPhone software

Your iPhone may be experiencing slowdowns due to issues with an older iOS version. You can easily fix this by simply downloading the most recent iOS version to your iPhone. You can fix this by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install.

Your iPhone will have more space

A slow iPhone with too little storage will cause it to be slower. You can solve this problem by uninstalling any unused files and apps from your iPhone. To free up space, you can delete lengthy videos from your iPhone (if any). How to free up storage on iPhone Settings: Storage & Apple iCloud Usage > Storage > Manage Space. This will give you a detailed breakdown of how much space you have used and the purpose it was being used. This information can be used to delete files or apps you don’t need.

Refresh background apps in the off position

Your iPhone’s performance can be impacted by background app refreshes. This feature can be disabled. This is what to do: Settings > General > Background App Update > turn off Background App Reply.

Location services can be turned off

The location services feature can also slow down an iPhone’s performance. You can turn off location services by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Avoid using unnecessary applications

You can speed up your iPhone’s performance by closing any unnecessary applications that run in the background. This will reduce the amount of system resources used. Noting that background apps like a video editor and a game can significantly slow down an iPhone’s performance, is important.

Reduce motion in your iPhone

You can also speed up an old iPhone by turning off the Reduce Motion feature on iPhone. Animation may look great, but it can also consume precious resources which could be used to speed your iPhone up. You can do this by going to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and clicking on the Reduce Motion button.


Restarting your iPhone can speed up the process. By deleting any files or apps that are not being used, you can free up storage space. It is also possible to disable background app refresh. You can also turn on Reduce Motion to increase the speed of your iPhone. You can also turn the Reduce Motion feature off.