Got an iPhone? Here’s how you can record a call

There are a number of reasons why you might want to record a call. Maybe you are interviewing someone and you want to record the call for keeping a track of everything that is being said. Or you want to take notes so that you don’t want to miss out details in a call from a customer. Or maybe, your best friend shared her secret cake recipe and you don’t want to miss out on the details. But here’s a thing – recording a call on an Android device is easy. A number of smartphone makers ship their devices with built-in phone recorders. Also, there are many third-apps that enable users to record calls on their Android devices for free. But things aren’t as simple in case of Apple’s iPhones.

Apple’s iPhones don’t ship with a built-in call recorder. This means that iPhone users need to look for alternatives to record calls on their devices. Here are the top ways using which they can record calls on their devices.

Using Apple’s Voice Memo app

One of the easiest ways to record calls using the iPhone entails using Apple’s Voice Memo app. Of course you need a secondary device, such as an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod or a Mac to record the conversation. Essentially, you can make the call on iPhone (or any other smartphone) and record the call as a voice note on Apple’s Voice Memo app on the Apple device that you have at your disposal. You will, however, have to turn on the loudspeaker on the device you are making the call from to be able to record the conversation.

Once you have the step up ready, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: To start recording, tap the record button.

Step 3: Press the button again, when you want to stop recording.

Using a third-party call recording app

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps such as Rev Voice Recorder and Otter. Both these apps not only help users in recording a conversation but they also give users a transcription of the recorded call. However, users will have to pay an amount in order to be able to use Rev Voice Recorder’s transcription service.



How to record a call on an Android device. Apple’s iPhones don’t have built-in call recorders and need to use an app or third party app like Rev Voice Recorder or Otter to make recordings.