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Welcome to my website, adventurers. Today, we will focus on one of the most common min/max feats. Today, we’ll be looking at Amazing feat by master 5e weapon master. This feat is found in the players handbook.

Before we go to the description, let me briefly explain what feats actually are. You can increase your ability score by using fists. These feats can be found in every level. Subclasses get them a little bit more frequently than others but for the most part it’s every four levels. These are the trades, skills, or abilities your characters have access to. To make them more customizable and to match your personal play style, With that out of the way let’s take a look at the description for great weapon master.


This feat is possible without any prior skills or knowledge. This means that any person can choose to do this feat, regardless of their ability or race. With that being said let’s look at the full description.

You already know how to use momentum to your advantage and how to leverage the weight of your weapon. Here are the benefits of becoming a Great Weapon Master DnD5E.

  • If you score the critical hit, you can make one melee assault as a bonus action.
  • But before you do make the melee attack by using a heavy weapon which you’re proficient with, you can always select to take a -5 penalty to an attack roll. Suppose, the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack’s damage.

Fantastic stuff let’s look at a walkthrough so we can kind of understand what’s going on here.


I have a question and would like to ask you guys. Is the bonus for the critical hit? It does not have to be an immediate bonus. You could even hit it with the final blow.

You can now move and take advantage of your bonus action. You know what i mean so you can move between when you have to use the bonus action attack it doesn’t have to be immediate. So, i think that’s pretty interesting in terms of the -5 attack roll equals the +10 to damage. That’s the component that makes this so gosh darn good for the min/max and heavy hitters out there.

This is quite some damage. Add your damage die, any modifiers to weapon, and your modifier. This all adds up to a very powerful combo that can make you quite successful. This spell can be combined with melee magic attacks, which I would like to emphasize. So that’s like your green flame blade and stuff like that. So i think that’s a very interesting too. That being said i mean let’s a look at my personal thoughts for it.


It’s clear that those who fail the most often are the ones with the greatest chances to win. I could really see this comboing well if you were let’s say an elf fighter, who is wielding dexterity based weapons and takes the elven accuracy feat. This would effectively ensure that your chance of missing is very low and your damage potential high. I do think that is a fairly common build that’s out there.

I’ve seen something close to it in one of my personal campaigns and it rocked it. This led me to take on the encounters in an effort to defeat that one party member.

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You can share any thoughts, ideas or concepts you have about great weapon masters by leaving comments. These articles are my favourite thing to read, and I know they’re enjoyed by everyone who looks at them. We wish you all happy adventuring and thank you for reading our article.