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Epic Games has joined forces with Rockstar Games, a publisher of AAA games to give away its AAA title GTA 5. The details of Epic Games’ offer, including its length, have been covered by us. GTA 5 can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store, Windows-powered devices. The offer is valid for one week, and will end on May 21. Epic Games will sell GTA 5 Premium Edition as part of this offer. As part of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, this edition includes a $1,000,000 GTA Online bonus.

Additionally, the company confirmed that buyers will still be eligible to purchase the game after expiration of the deal. The Epic Games Store offers a free weekly game. The company gives away one free game every week. It happens to be GTA 5, which is extremely popular. Interesting to see that the free game may not be available immediately. The Epic Games Store appears to have some problems due to high traffic. This is likely to be due to high interest in the game.

Epic Games Store posted the problem on Twitter and asked users to be patient. The company has one week to resolve the problems. We created a short guide to help you navigate the Epic Store Launcher, a game store that isn’t as well-known as Steam. These will guide you through the Epic Store, where you can purchase, download and install GTA 5 free of charge. Let’s get started.

This is the best way to get GTA 5 free of cost from Epic Games Store

Step 1.

Register for an Epic Games account by going to the Epic Games Store Website. If you have an Epic Games account, skip Step 2. You have likely already created an Epic Games account if you’ve played Fortnite before. After the initial login, complete the profile information. The process also enabled 2FA, or Two-Factor authentication under the “Password & Security” section.

Step 2

Click on “Get Epic Games Store” in the upper right corner to download Epic Games Store. The installation file will be downloaded. Wait for the file to complete, then you can install it on your Windows-powered device. It will not function if your Windows-based machine is ARM-based. This will run on any desktop computer or laptop. Launch the program and login using Epic Games information from Step 1.

Step 3

Once you have logged in, click on “Store” on the navigation bar to the left. You will now see the Epic Games Store’s game listing. Allow the featured section to scroll vertically for several seconds. To see GTA 5 posters, one can click on the navigation arrows. The large poster “Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition”, along with the message “Free to Keep Forever”, will be displayed. Click on this button to get your GTAV free. After displaying a message about mature content, this will take you to the GTA 5 listing. This will redirect you to the GTA 5 listing page.

Step 4

To purchase the free game, click on the “Get” button. The user will be taken to “CHECKOUT”, where they can click on “PLACE ORDER”. This button is located in the lower right corner. The store will display a splash screen expressing gratitude and a reminder about the receipt after the purchase has been completed. To install the game, you can go to the Library section after the purchase. You should keep in mind that this game can be quite large so you will need plenty of storage. To enjoy this experience, one must also have a good GPU.


Go to Epic Games’ GTA5 page.
– Click on the “Get” option.
Sign In with Epic Games or Create an Account if You Do Not Have One.
You will be asked to activate Two Factor authentication in order to receive the game free of charge.

These steps will allow you to download GTA 5 on your PC, mobile or laptop. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) is now available to download from PC, laptop and consoles. It can also be streamed via mobile phones.

You can also download the game free of charge by visiting the GTA 5 page at Epic Games. Click on the “Get” option. If you don’t have an Epic Games account, sign in or create one. You will be asked to activate Two Factor authentication in order to receive the free game.

We have good news for you if Grand Theft Auto 5 is still not available on PC. The Epic Games Store offers the free game. This means that you can play both the campaign and the expanding GTA Online without any strings attached.

Grand Theft Auto 5 currently available on Epic Store for free. You can still enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5 online after all that is in your bag. It’s an endless gift that will keep on giving.

GTA 5 will not be free in 2021. GTA 5 was made free for one week in May 2020. There are currently no plans to make it free once again via Epic Games Store.


Rockstar Games, the game publisher, and Epic Games, the developer of GTA 5, have joined forces to make the GTA 5 available for Windows-powered devices free. This offer is valid for one week, and will end on May 21. Epic Games will also be selling GTA 5 Premium Edition as part of this offer. You can find this here