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GTA Online is one of the most popular PC/console games of the decade. While GTA Online is a massive world for one to explore, it also requires you to spend GTA dollars to have the most fun. While you can purchase these by using your real hard-earned money or you can earn them inside of the game and getting your character everything that you want. While newbies might have difficulties in earning money, taking up missions that do not pay much or trying to rob people who are not carrying enough money, here we will be taking a look at how you can make your first million in GTA Online relatively quickly.

Note: Before I start, this is not earning a million GTA$ in 5 minutes using this hack sort of an article. Here I will be detailing which all missions to take on, where to invest and more to earn GTA$1 million quickly.

Contact missions and heists

Contact missions are an easy way to earn money as you can start off at easy difficulty and then move on to higher difficulties to earn higher payouts. Heists are also an easy way to earn big money quickly. You can start off with Gerald’s Contact Missions, which are quick and easy, while at the same time provide good payouts.

Before you start off with difficult contact missions or heists, you should purchase the Armored Kuruma, Special Carbine, Armour and Snacks, to help you in the missions.

Purchasing properties

One of the major parts of GTA Online to earn money is smart investments in properties, which will ensure regular income. I recommend that you get High-End Apartments and the MC Clubhouse to guarantee good returns. After you gain good footing in the game, you can then start looking at making high-roller purchases like the Buzzard and the Oppressor MKII.

Smartly investing in good properties, while at the same time completing contact missions and heists will provide you with a good footing and you will have GTA$1 million in no time. After that, you can start hosting heists as a leader, which will provide you with much higher payouts.