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We have learned many ways to make our family and friends happy during the festive season. While some prefer big presents, others are happy with cash. Many people are now giving gift cards as a trend. These cards can be useful at times but you’d end up spending more money if the card expired. This is not the right way to go. I would prefer having money than being able to use it later. We will show you how to convert gift cards into cash.

Here are some things to keep in mind before we look at ways you can get rid of your unused gift card. When selling on third-party sites, it is important to read the terms and conditions. You should also ensure that your card works.

Although there are no guarantees that your gift card will sell online, the platform will still allow you to offer your card for sale to other customers. Crafin is an online platform that will buy gift cards directly but it has a low payout. The payouts can be as low at 35 percent, for example.

If you expect better payouts here are some options:


Zingoy lets users list gift cards at any price and charges a processing fee. Zingoy allows you to sell gift cards and earn cashback when shopping on online e-commerce platforms. Zingoy offers its customers the opportunity to take part in surveys that can earn them cash prizes. Zingoy recently began offering pre-paid debit cards, which you can also use.


CanSell, a platform similar to Zingoy where gift cards can be sold and used as mediators. It offers secure and free transactions, but not like the previous. If the platform intervenes in the sale, it is free. However, this is risky for fraud. The platform will charge you five percent for secure transactions. This fee acts as an escrow and mediation service.

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There are also websites such as Olx or Quikr that allow you to list gift cards. You then can make a deal directly with buyers, and make the transaction.

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Social media is your friend if all else fails. There are many impulse buyers like myself who love to shop online. If you’re lucky enough to receive a gift card like this from your family, you will know what to do.