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All adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook. We are very grateful that you clicked on our 24th episode of feats. Are you hungry for AC? Are you hungry to eat AC? If so, you might be a candidate. May introduce you dnd5e heavily armoured feat. The players manual has the ability to show this feat. Let’s have a look at the description. Here’s a description of the feats. What does it do? It’s just like that.

So feats in a nutshell are extra abilities, traits and skills you can give your character to make them a little bit more personalized in their play style and they better compliment your version of strategy and d&d as a whole. They are generally available at four levels. They may not be found in all classes but are typically available at every four levels. With that out of the way let’s take a quick look at their full description here.


This feat can only be performed if you have medium armour and proficiency. Here’s the description of this feat:

Prerequisite:Proficiency in medium armour

You are already trained in the use of heavy armor. Now you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your strength score can be increased up to 1, or even 20,
  • The ability to achieve the proficiency can be achieved by the heavy armor you wear.

Not really a whole lot to go into there but let’s break it down either way.


It is pretty clear that strength is a self-explanatory concept. You know it’s pretty good and the ability to wear heavy armor. It’s great! you know honestly a lot of it gives you disadvantage on stealth checks which for some characters they really don’t care. This could have many benefits, based on parties. If you’re like a tank and you’re the don designate tank this would be perfect. Let’s look at some of my thoughts.


This is in addition making a pseudo tank. Another potential benefit of this would be if you and your parties stumble across some awesome like mystic heavy armor and none of you could use it or if it really complimented your play style but the people who can use it really didn’t want it. This is something that you should seriously think about. In of itself i’m kind of torn on it, i can see the utility behind it but i refuse to believe it as the best feat to pick for most options.

You know what i mean like there’s just not really a whole lot to it. If i’m being honest it doesn’t mean it’s good or bad anything like that it’s just maybe i’m just a fan of the complicated ones who knows. All who have medium armor proficiency are the ones who will reap the greatest benefits. It is possible that the robes could benefit depending on the circumstances.

This could prove to be a great advantage for warlocks depending on their situation. I took a one-level forged cleric dip to get proficient in heavy armor if I wanted to. But that’s just me personally and there might be reasons why you don’t want to do that or there might even be story reasons why this makes more sense.

In any case guys i can’t release comment too much on a base on a simplicity. But if you have any ideas, any build concepts or any cool stories involving heavily-armored i’d really like to hear them down in the comments beneath and i know everyone else reading this article would as well . Those are my thoughts. We are grateful to you all for making this an unforgettable adventure.