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All magic casters of all shapes and sizes. We are happy that you liked the 25th episode from our feat series on Today we’re going to be taking a look at Master feat of dnd5e Heavy Armor. You have many options. Heavy armor master is found in the player’s handbook and is one of the more commonly picked feats out there. This is why. With all of that out of the way let’s take a quick look at the description.


This feat requires that you are proficient in heavy armor. Some classes get it automatically if you don’t there’s a way to get it through feats or through one level dip intake the forge cleric. This is how it works.

Prerequisite:Proficiency in heavy armor

To avoid strikes that could cause death, you can use your armor. These are some of the many benefits that you can usually reap.

  • Your strength score can be increased up to 20
  • During you’re wearing the heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing and also slashing damage which you could take from the non magical weapons has been reduced by 3.

This is some pretty cool stuff. let’s go through a quick walkthrough and break this down a little bit more.


First of all, the +12 strength is very self-explanatory. When it comes to the damage reduction by three it’s pretty good. In all honesty something worth noting is it doesn’t say it has to be through weapon attacks. You can get the +3 damage reduction if you create a trap that does any of these things. This will also result in a +3 decrease in damage. It’s extremely useful and cool. Let’s now get to my thoughts.


This is a huge feat that you can pick up early. This is why I recommend that you do it at the start of all campaigns. You’re not gonna run into a whole lot of magical weapons. So the non magical component really isn’t stressful, also if you are something that has access to a way of enabling damage reduction already through resistances. This will make your life almost eternal.

Fighters are the best candidates for this benefit. They already have high-quality AC, and can wear heavy armour. So it’s not really a huge stretch to pick it. This combination could give the most fighters to the eldritch Knight, who could then combine it with the fancy blade cantrip. It would give them resistance to this damage, as well as three damage reductions.

I don’t know much about the forged cleric class, but it is a class I am interested in. They can gain heavy armor by using their feats, or as part of a class characteristic. They can also use concentration spells. These three damage-reduction spells would be of great assistance.

You could also spend your feats to master heavy armor proficiency in order to become a pseudo eldritch King.

These are my favorite classes for it. If you can think of any others or any other great builds or cool stories involving heavy armor master, i’d really like to hear down in the comments beneath as well as your personal thoughts on it. Happy adventuring and thanks for reading!