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PUBG Mobile keeps creating new events for their players to keep them interested. Guncraft offers players the chance to make a custom gun. This is a brand new feature in PUBG Mobile. It’s a great challenge for players to tackle. Your creations could win you UC. PUBG Mobile welcomes creative gamers to send in their designs via tutorial videos, gun skin design or stickers. Winners will be awarded UC points. The top prize will receive 1500UC, the second, 1000UC, and third awards 500UC.

Here’s how you can become a Guncraft Pro.

First, go to your Guncraft screen and select the weapon you want. Users who do not have a weapon can complete a quest.

Step 2 The users will then see four layouts. The first two layouts can be used for free, but you will have to pay either 300 or 900 UUC in order to unlock them.

Step 3 Choose the second layout, and then start crafting. Choose the color and texture you prefer. The muzzle or whole gun can be changed in color and texture.

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You will next need to modify the emblem. There are two options: player-designed or system-generated emblems. The system-generated icons can be drawn as prizes on guncraft’s main page. Players can create emblems that are player-designed, but you cannot have more than ten. Different emblems can be chosen, however they need to remain unlocked and painted. You can combine as many as 10 emblems to create a composite emblem. You are now ready to create custom emblems. The final step is to apply your custom emblem on the weapon you’re creating.

Step 5 Save your layout. You can return to the crafting screen and check if your gun is what you want.

Step 6 When you’re satisfied with the final product, use UC to purchase your exclusive weapon.


All missions required to make a weapon master must be done in one game. To earn the title, you must complete the classic match and get six kills. It doesn’t end there. Every one of these six kills must be made with a different weapon. 03-Aug-2018


To keep the players engaged in the game, PUBG Mobile’s developers have added digital events. Guncraft offers players the chance to make their own gun. Players can earn UC to create their own guns, which is a challenge users will enjoy. PUB