Here’s how to become a PUBG Mobile Guncraft expert

PUBG Mobile developers keep creating new events to keep their players interested. One of these new events is the possibility to create a unique gun for a player during the Guncraft event. It is a new feature for PUBG Mobile and a challenge that users will love to take on. You can win UC for your creations. PUBG Mobile invites talented gamers to submit their unique designs in tutorial videos, gun skin design, or stickers. The winners will receive UC points. For the top prize, 1500UC will be awarded, while the second place award is 1000UC and the third, 500UC.

This is how to become a Guncraft pro.

Step 1 Select the weapon that you wish to craft from your Guncraft screen. For users who don’t already have one, they can do a quest.

Step 2 Users then will see four layouts. You can use the first two layouts for free but will need to pay 300 UC or 900 UC to unlock them.

Step 3. Select the second layout and start crafting. Select the desired color and texture. You can change the color or texture of either the whole gun or the muzzle.

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Step 4 Next, you will need to change the emblem. You have two choices: system-generated emblems and player-designed emblems. You can draw the system-generated emblems as prizes from guncraft’s front page. Player-designed emblems can be made by players, although you can have a maximum of ten. You can select different emblems, but they must be painted and unlocked. To create a composite emblem, you can combine up to 10 different emblems. After this, you are ready to start creating custom emblems. Final step: Apply your customized emblem to the weapon that you are crafting.

Step 5 Save the layout that you’ve created. The crafting screen will allow you to return and see whether the gun that you made suits your style.

Step 6 Once you are satisfied with your final result, invest some UC to buy your unique weapon.


The missions to become a weapon master have to be completed in a single game. Getting the chicken dinner and six kills in a classic match are the minimum requirements to earn it. But it doesn’t stop there. Each of the six kills has to be done with a different weapon.03-Aug-2019


PUBG Mobile developers are introducing more digital events to keep players interested for the game. One of these new events is the possibility to create a unique gun for a player during the Guncraft event. A challenge that users will love to take on, players can win UC for their creations. PUB