Here’s how to create quirky selfie stickers on Instagram

The Meta, formerly Facebook’s social media app, Instagram allows users to express their creativity on the platform in a variety of formats. Another advantage is the ability to send selfie stickers and create custom ones to other users.

Instagram recently announced an interactive sticker called “Add Yours” that allows users to create public threads within Stories. The interactive sticker can be used to make a content chain, where every user contributes their Story. The social media site tweeted that the stickers can be shared with public prompts and responses and people could respond to them in their Stories. It’s not the same story, but Instagram appears to favor quirky tools in order to maintain engagement.

The custom selfie stickers feature lets you make animated Boomerang-style stickers. They look very confouding. Here’s how to use the custom selfie sticker feature on social media.

How to make and send customized selfie stickers for Instagram

Launch the Instagram app first on your phone.

Tap the button in the upper right corner to open a conversation with the person you wish to send a personalized selfie sticker.

Tap the sticker icon to the right of the message panel.

Click on “Selfie” in the menu.

You can click a selfie to change its background and colour. To do this, tap on the camera icon in the middle.

You can even apply six effects to your Instagram selfie stickers before you send it to a friend.

Once you have selected the Boomerang icon, click the middle.

You can save stickers for your Stories on the next screen. Instagram also offers the ability to retake your selfie if it doesn’t satisfy you.