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Gamers have been a major issue with refunds. It’s possible to buy a game you think should be great, only to find out that it isn’t. You might end up purchasing something you don’t want. You could have a legitimate reason to ask for a return on certain games.

However, the process of resolving refunds for offline stores is very poor. Although online sellers of digital games offer better services than offline counterparts, there is still much to be desired. Epic Games Store now offers game refunds that the user can handle themselves. These refunds are very convenient and can be processed by the user without the need for Epic Games Store to intervene. It is a very convenient method and the first to use it. Here are the steps for getting your Epic Games Store games back.

How to Get Game Refunds from Epic Games Store

First, go to your Account page and click Transactions. (also known as Payment History).

Step 2 Locate the game that you wish to refund.

Step 3 To expand the order, and see Playtime. You will see a button to Request Refund if the game qualifies for a refund by itself.

Step 4 Click on the Request Refund button.

Step 5 – In the popup window, select the reason you want to refund.

Step 6 – Click on Confirm Refund. This will display a confirmation message at the top of the screen, letting you know that the refund was successfully processed.

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Purchases are automatically credited to the original method of payment. Depending on the method you used, this might not be possible every time.



Epic Games Store offers refunds for games purchased on their site. They can be done via the interface and without the involvement of the retailer or developer. Purchases are automatically credited to the original method of payment, but it may not be possible for every purchase depending on how you made them.