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GIFs and stickers have been fun ways to communicate. These tools simplify messaging. WhatsApp Stickers are a great example of this. They have become an essential part of our messaging system.

We are used to receiving and sending WhatsApp stickers so it is always fun to share new ones. Guess what? To keep the sticker fun going, you can make your own version of these stickers. We will be discussing this and how to create custom WhatsApp stickers.

How do you make WhatsApp Stickers for iOS, Android?

It’s not difficult to create WhatsApp stickers. You will need to install third-party applications. It is very simple. We will be focusing on the Sticker Maker app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. is also available on iOS and Android. You may choose to get more depending upon your preferences. For your security, it is important to use trusted and known apps. After all, no one wants to be hacked!

These are the steps:

First: Install the Sticker Maker App on Android or iOS.

Next, you’ll find the “Create new Stickerpack” option in the app. Click on the button.

Step 3 – A popup window will open asking you to enter your Stickerpack’s name and author. After you are done with that, click the “Create” button.

Step4 Once you have created the Stickerpack, it will be displayed on your home screen in the “My Stickers” section. You will see a total 30 photo tiles when you tap on the Stickerpack. You can make up to 30 stickers. To make space for new stickers, remove the ones that have already been used.

Step 5 To begin creating tiles, tap on one. The screen will prompt you to choose the photo from. Select the desired image.

Step 6 – You’ll now be taken into the editor, where you can choose the element you wish to make a WhatsApp sticker. The outline can be modified or added text. After you’re satisfied with your result, tap on the “Save Sticker” option.

7: Next, select the “Send to WhatsApp” option to include the personalized sticker you created to your sticker package.

What is the best way to send WhatsApp stickers on Android and iOS?

Once you’ve created your WhatsApp stickers, follow these instructions to send them. You can follow this process for any type of sticker on WhatsApp.

First: Launch WhatsApp on an Android or iOS phone.

Step 2 Select the chat window to which you wish to send stickers.

Step 3 Here you’ll find your stickers. To access your stickers on iOS, tap the sticker icon next to the textbox.

Step 4 – Simply look for the stickers you created, tap them and then send them. You can then easily distribute the WhatApp stickers you made yourself.

How do I download WhatsApp Stickers for Android and iOS?

Here’s a bonus tip: Download WhatsApp Stickers to allow you to share the stickers made by others. This is what you need to do.

First: Go to WhatsApp for Android or iOS.

Step2: To access WhatsApp Stickers, tap the Emoji icon on Android or the Sticker icon on iOS.

Step 3 – Now select the “All Stickers” option. You will see a variety of WhatsApp Sticker Packs, each with many stickers.

Step 4 – Select the WhatsApp stickers you want, then hit the Download button.

Step 5 : Follow the instructions in this section, and you’re good to go.

Depending on what stickers you’re looking for, third-party applications can be used to add other types of stickers. Once you’re done adding them, keep sending people stickers.

Make your WhatsApp stickers is an enjoyable hobby that adds to your conversations. Once you’ve learned the basics, send it. Let us know what you think.