Here’s how to post Instagram Stories without opening the Instagram app

Instagram Stories is a new way to tell your stories and share information with others. It’s more than posting “gram” photos. We know the person behind it, but Instagram may not have been responsible. Although Stories is not Instagram’s brains (we know who it is), the effort to bring Stories onto the platform paid off; it has become a popular feature on the platform.

It’s evident that Instagram Stories are a common daily activity for many people. You want it as easy as possible. The cherry on top? You don’t even need to open the Instagram app. Wondering how? Continue reading.

How do you post Instagram Stories?

This is the simple answer. The Threads app is the companion app to the social media platform. Both iOS and Android users can access Threads by Instagram.

The app consists primarily of all Direct Messages (DMs), which allows you to communicate with your Instagram friends without having to use the Instagram app. It also lets you send Stories between friends, view others’ Stories and even share them directly to your Instagram account. This allows you to upload Instagram Stories quickly and without opening the Instagram app.

You can also tell close friends what happened with Auto-Status. You can enable this feature to automatically tell your friends about your moods at a specific time.

It’s easy!

These are the steps you should follow.

Step 1. Head over to the Google Play Store, or the App Store, and get the Threads by Instagram App for your Android or iOS devices.

Step 2 Once the app is downloaded, you can log in to your Instagram account using the app. If you don’t have Instagram on your phone, you must log in manually.

Step 3 – Now you can add your favourite people to chat or to send Stories.

Step4 You’ll be shown how the app works, then you will need to grant permissions such as camera access, microphone access, notifications, or access to all the data.

Step5 Once you have completed all formalities, you’ll find three main sections in the app. The first is the Other Stories section. You can click on disappearing photos/videos and access your DMs.

Step 6 – Just tap the section that has the camera icon. Click the image/video (either you or another’s) and make any edits like stickers, filters, captions or captions.

7: After you are satisfied with your photo/video, tap the up arrow at the bottom.

Step8: Next, choose the Your story option. Voila! You just created an Instagram Story. The Stories can be sent to friends or shared with close friends, just like on Instagram.

You can use this trick if you don’t feel like using Instagram. However, you could still share the photo of your cute puppy.