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Instagram Stories allows you to share your story and information with other users. This is more than just posting photos to Instagram. While we know who it is, Instagram might not be responsible. Stories may not be Instagram’s brain (we are sure who it is), but the effort was worthwhile to make Stories a feature of the platform.

Instagram Stories have become a popular daily activity. It should be as simple as possible. What’s the cherry on top? The Instagram app doesn’t need to be opened. Wondering how? Keep reading.

What is the best way to post Instagram Stories?

That is all there is to it. This app serves as the companion app for the social media platform. Instagram users both iOS and Android can use Threads.

It primarily contains all Direct Messages, which allow you to chat with friends on Instagram without the need to open Instagram. You can also view other Stories, send Stories to friends and share them on your Instagram. You can quickly upload Instagram Stories without having to open the Instagram app.

With Auto-Status, you can tell your closest friends about what has happened. This feature can be enabled to notify your close friends of your mood at a particular time.

It’s easy!

These are the steps to follow.

First, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Threads By Instagram App for Android or iOS.

Step 2 After the app has been downloaded, you will be able to log into your Instagram account with the app. Logging in to Instagram manually is required if you do not have it installed on your device.

Step 3 Now, you can add your favorite people to chat and to send Stories.

Step4 After being shown the app’s functionality, you will be asked to grant certain permissions, such as microphone access and camera access.

Step5 After you have finished all the formalities, there are three major sections to your app. First, you’ll find the Other Stories section. Click on the disappearing photo/video to access your DMs.

Step 6 Tap the area with the camera icon. You can edit the video/image (either yours or someone else’s), such as stickers, filters or captions.

7 – Once you’re satisfied with the photo/video, click the up arrow to the bottom.

Step8 Next, select the Your Story option. Voila! Now you have an Instagram Story. You can send the Stories to your friends and share them with friends.

This trick can be used even if Instagram is not your preferred platform. You can still post a photo of your adorable puppy.