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Adobe Flash, and all the old programs that it ran is one feature of the internet that has been less helpful. Google Chrome has stopped supporting Flash quite a while ago. Google Chrome can still view programs and games from different sites. For those sites, the Google Chrome must be enabled in order for these games and programs run.

Flash was able to run some interesting programs and games back when it was in its prime. You don’t have to use another browser for those pages if you feel the need. We will show you how to access Flash webpages and Flash applications with Google Chrome.

How to activate Flash on Google Chrome

Start Google Chrome. Go to the site that contains the Adobe Flash-required program. It should prompt to activate it. You will be able to access the Adobe Flash Player website from this link.

Step 2 You will see a lock symbol to the left side of the URL bar. You can click on the symbol to open ‘Site Settings’. This will bring up a tab that allows you to manage what’s and doesn’t work on a particular site.

Step 3. You will see an option to Flash. Click on the drop-down beside it that says “Block(Default),” and choose “Allow”.

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Step 4 Return to the webpage that contains the program. It will ask you if the settings have changed, and you need to reload the page. Reload the page to resume normal operation.

Notification: After you’ve turned Flash on for one website, and deactivated it again, you will be prompted with an option to enable Flash. Simply click the “Block (Default)” dropdown and choose “Allow”.


Navigate to your desired page. Navigate to the page you want. Close the popup and change Adobe Flash from “Ask”, to “Allow”. 13-Jan-2021

– Visit
Select your OS from dropdown.
Choose PPAPI to be your version.
You can download Flash player by clicking here
Install the Adobe Flash Player Chrome from your Downloads Folder.

– Go to the site you wish Flash enabled.
– Click on the lock icon or information icon. You will find the addressbar of the site at the top right.
Select Allow from the menu.
– Click Close to close the Settings window

The Chrome Settings page will be opened in a new tab. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced. Select Contents Settings. To open the following options, select Flash


Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Google Chrome. However, Flash programs and games are still available on websites. You can activate Flash on the site you are trying to access with Google Chrome in a variety of ways.