Here’s how to share exact location using Plus Codes in Google Maps

Google is adding Plus Codes in Maps for users in India to help them share the exact location with someone. The hidden feature that has been fluttering around since 2015 (although it was made available to Android devices in May 2020) has now made its way to India.

Speaking on the feature, Amanda Bishop, Product Manager, Google Maps said, “In addition to community-led efforts, we are also committed to empowering users to directly use Plus Code addresses for their daily needs. We piloted this feature in India a month ago, and are thrilled to share that over 300,000 users in India have already found their home address using Plus Codes. We are looking forward to expanding to more types of places, and are actively looking for opportunities to partner with e-commerce, logistics, and delivery companies, to scale up the experience to more people across the world.”

For those unaware, Plus Codes are digital addresses that share a specific location on a map that someone can find from any computer. Google Maps provide the luxury to share the exact location be it you are in any part of the world. Plus Codes enhances this by using latitudes and longitude and creating a short digital address, for example, “P55P+8F” is a shortcode for a location in Delhi. If you type this in Google Search or Maps it will take you to that specific location in Delhi. The Plus Codes are useful when you are in a specific place, say a mall, a national park, a restaurant and you want to share the address with your friends or family.

In case you are wondering how to use this feature that’s obscure, follow this simple guide-

How to use Plus Codes in Google Maps

– First, open Google Maps on your Android phone.
– Then tap the blue dot representing where you are.
– Scroll down, and you will see a Plus Code for where you are standing at the moment.
– Copy the code and send it to your friend or family member.

At the top of the screen you will see the ‘Share Location’ button, which can help your friend to navigate where you are moving, but if you are waiting in a parking area, or in a store, just use Plus Codes.