Here’s how to upload your podcast on Spotify

Spotify always stated that Spotify video podcasts would include Spotify original content. This will include some podcasts from third parties. The creators were not able to publish their video. People wanted to post their podcasts on YouTube had to find another way.

Anchor will allow creators to upload video from their account. It will work exactly as audio is published and created. The podcast can be listened to across all platforms once it is published. It also works on desktop, mobile, and web apps. The subscription will allow creators to make money from their video content, much like they could with their audio podcasts.

How to upload podcasts via Spotify with Anchor

STEP 1: Download the Anchor app to your phone. Or, you can click www. STEP1: Download the Anchor app on your smartphone or click www. Anchor

STEP 2: Next, create your account

STEP 3: Select the podcast episode you want to upload

STEP4: Upload your channel art and add a description.

STEP5: Once you have completed the details, click on the Publish Now button.

STEP6: Next, enter your podcast name.

STEP7: Once you have filled in the information, click the Publish My Podcast button.

STEP8. You will be able to check the status of your distribution the following day.

STEP9 – Once your podcast has been approved, you will see it within 24 hours on Spotify.

STEP10 – Every time you publish a new episode to your platform, it will be automatically published on Spotify within 10 minutes.

This is how to watch the Spotify video podcast

To watch Spotify video content, navigate to the episode page for the show that you are interested in. Next, click on or tap the Play button to begin the episode. You can also view videos in full screen mode by clicking the playbar at the bottom. You can then choose whether to watch or listen to the program.