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Since Project Tango, Google has worked on Augmented Reality. However, the project was never realized beyond just a few phones. Apple introduced ARKit, which uses a single camera to create Augmented Reality (AR), and Google followed up with ARCore. Google also added AR to their search results last year where you can view life-size animals.

Google announced at the I/O 2019 Developer Conference that they will add some cool features to search results. The same is now being implemented. You’ll need either an Android phone that supports ARCore, or an iPhone with ARKit. The feature was limited to a small number of animals, including a Tiger, Lion, Giant Panda, Wolf, and others. These interactions were quite interesting but could not be recorded. The company introduced this feature almost one year ago. AR allows for more things to be created.

Google 3D Animals and Objects Video Recording

You’ll first need to verify that your device can run this app. Here is a list of supported devices for your device.

Once you’ve found the right device for your needs, go to Google Search or Google Chrome and search for the animal that interests you.

Tap on the “View in 3D” button. A 3D model of your animal will be displayed on your screen. Rotate the model to get 360 degrees of the animal. The next box will contain text and a little box that reads “View in Your Space.”

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The camera app will then open. You’ll need to scan your environment in order to position the animal. Once you have done that, you can view the 3D model of the animal in augmented real life.

It can be moved by simply tapping and moving it about. To increase or decrease the size of your device, pinch-to zoom can be used.

After you are satisfied with the position and other details you can hold the record button to capture video.



Since Project Tango, Google has worked on Augmented Reality. Apple launched ARKit, and Google added ARCore to its iPhones. Google had announced in 2019 that it would be adding some cool features to search results. This has been implemented. This is how you can try it.